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Чешские танкисты-снайперы

Sten: Вот такой вот списочек: Ротный Рудольф Ясиок поджег тяжелый вражеский танк «тигр», уничтожил 3 противотанковых орудия, 4 пулемета и не менее 20 гитлеровцев. экипаж Т-34-85 сержанта Йозеф Грегор - имеет 4 победы. Кто еще?

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pitika: Hmm, I will look at it but just in Ostrava operation Czechoslovak brigade reported 24 German tanks, 23 self propelled guns and 17 armored personnel transporters destroyed.

Белик Сай Хан: pitika пишет: Hmm, I will look at it but just in Ostrava operation Czechoslovak brigade reported 24 German tanks, 23 self propelled guns and 17 armored personnel transporters destroyed. Hi, Peter! Happy NY! Sten interest CS tankmen experts (ace, tankmen-snipers). Names of experts, destroyed the Axis tanks and SPG. Whether you know that about these people? Regards,

pitika: Hello Alex, Happy NY to you too and others guys from this forum Yes I understood what Sten was asking. I have to look at it. I just quickly wrote down successes claimed by Czechoslovak tank brigade in USSR from Ostrava operation. Most of this success were documented by photograph. Probably nobody made a list of "aces" from Czechoslovak tank brigade in USSR but Sten is right, some Czechoslovak tank commanders fully deserve to be put on the list. I think we can put on list Second Lt. Lumir Pisarsky. He destroyed his first enemy, probably StuG or other SPG on November 5th 1943 when then tank battalion was fighting for liberation of Kyjev later this day he destroyed 2 German cars. We can put on the list Hero of Soviet Union Tesarik (first AT destroyed during liberation of Kyjev). Jasiok also destroyed first enemy (Pz IV or V) on 5th during liberation of Kyjev. Another Hero of Soviet Union, Josef Bursik destroyed on November 5th German SPG. Bursik is very interesting person. Arrested by communist regime in 1949emigrated to Great Britain in 1950 and he actually returned his Hero of USSR order to Soviet ambassy in London in summer 1968 as a protest against Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia.

Белик Сай Хан: Ahoj Peter! Velmi pekne dakujem za pomoc. Я так понимаю, что словаков среди этих "танкистов-снайперов" нет? Maite sa!

pitika: Of course there were some Slovaks too. For example Gas. ;) But you have to take in notice how Czechoslovak Army Corps recruited soldiers. 1st batch of volunteers were people from Czechoslovak Army in Poland who were interned in USSR 2nd batch were Czechoslovak citizens and former Czechoslovak citizens in USSR, By former citizens I mean mainly Rusins from Podkarpatska Rus (Zakarpatie now in Ukraina). This Rusins run away from their country occupied since 1938/39 by Hungarians. And Hungarian regime weren't very nice to Slovaks and Rusins. Unfortunatel most of these Rusins were after crossing borders to USSR arrested and sentenced to Gulags. After Czechoslovak army in USSR started to be created they volunteered as former Czechoslovak citizens for service. Most of them after war didn't return to Podkaratska Rus which was after war by Czechoslovakia ceded to USSR but settled ii Czechoslovakia. 3rd batch of volunteers were Slovaks from Slovak army who deserted, were captured or other way get to the Soviet side. But from them mostly 2nd para brigade was created which fought shortly in Dukla pass and then was transported to Slovakia, Tri Duby airport. 4th batch of volunteers were ethnic Czech people who were living since I think 19th century in Volyn area. Becouse of them (there was about 30 000 Czech people living in Volyn) Czechoslovak army corps could be created. 5th batch of soldiers were Slovaks drafted into army after parts of Slovakia was liberated. 6th batch were Slovaks soldiers and partisans who after Uprising retreated to mountains and after Soviet and Czechoslvak Army closed to their areas of operation broke through the Germans lines. At the end of the war Slovaks were making around 70% of soldiers in Czechoslovak Army in USSR ( actually in Czechoslovakia now) Now to the other problem. If only Czech were in the tank brigade. Probably till Slovaks former members of Slovak Army tank regiment could be incorporated, Czech were making main part but there were Slovaks too. A lot of Slovaks were in brigade as submachineguners (how you called them in Russian??) BTW There is Czechoslovak movie called Tankova brigada about brigades action around Ostrava. Nice movie, old, little bit communist propaganda used there, but still nice to watch. Two main heroes of the movie are two commanders of two tanks. One is Czech and one is Slovak. Other problem was: in technical arms in Czechoslovaks Army before 1939 Slovaks were making very, very small part of it. Part was becouse of problem with education: before 1918 when SLovakia was part of Hungary, there were not Slovak High Schools allowed, children had to learn mostly in Hungarian, there were only Hungarians Universities. young Slovaks were going to study to Hungary or to avoid Magyarization to Czech lands, France etc. And of course a lot of Slovaks emigrated before 1918 to USA (to get better jobs, to avoid Magyarization etc).

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