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NARA/BAMA обмен/продажа

alte Leute: Господа, есть ли люди заинтересованные в обмене NARA/BAMA документами? Своя коллекция пока небольшая, но стараюсь помаленьку обновлять. Сфера моих интересов - 1945, Восточный фронт, посему для себе в основном ищу именно эти доки, но в процессе обмена проходят через руки и документы более раннего периода и по другим направлениям. Имеющиеся на данный момент документы: Группа армий Висла / HGr Weichsel T311 R167 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Interesting communiques from the first week of Heeresgruppe Weichsell's existence. Telegrams from other army and SS commanders to the new OB, Himmler, on the military situation. Early orders issued by Himmler and communications back to Hitler. Included in the front of the folder is a copy of Hitler's order setting up the Heeresgrupe and charging Himmler with its command. Important materials on the conduct of operations in a most critical phase of the war. Jan, 21 - 31, 1945. Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Important operational orders and reports on the desperate fighting in East Germany. Internal problems of the Germans - approaching signs of dissolution. Efforts to supply and relieve cut-off units, Chefsachen. Feb. 1 - 14, 1945. [/more] T311 R168 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Data relative to daily activities of the German Army engaged in the campaign in Poland and Prussia; estimates of the situation regarding Soviet artillery units; behavior of Red Army soldiers in captured German territory; and casualty reports. Orders from Himmler from the Feld-Kommandostelle. Translations of Russian orders upon entering German territory. Feb. 15 - 25, 1945.[/more] T311 R169 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Data relative to daily activities of the German Army engaged in the campaign in Poland and Prussta; situation reports; arming of the Volkssturm; sketch (1:300000, for period 21 - 28 Feb 1945) giving an estimate of Soviet artillery forces and two maps showing the disposition of German troops in the vicinity of Stettin. Correspondence of Himmmler with Fegelein. March 3. - 14, 1945. Ia, Anlegen z. KTB. Daily activity reports on the German campaign in Poland, Prussia and Germany; and data anent strength reports, combat reports, Soviet Army methods of establishing a river crossing, utilization of captured Soviet Army equipment, assignment of German units, methods of operation to be utilized against Soviet forces, and experience gained from Soviet fighting tactics. Orders and evaluations from Himmler. March 15 - 31, 1945. Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Reports and messages, sent and received, regarding operations on the Eastern front, and particularly in Pomerania and Brandenburg. Includes notes, transcripts of telecons, and other papers containing pertinent info re Ninth Army, Third Pz. Army, and Commandant Swinemunde area. April 1 - 19, 1945.[/more] T311 R170 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Reports and messages, sent and received, re operations on the eastern front, mainly in the Berlin area. Includes notes, transcripts of telecons, and other papers containing pertinent information; orders from Heinrici and OB Besprechungen re evacuation of civilians. April 20 - 29, 2945. Ia, Unterlagen fur Kriegsgliederungen. Organizational break-down of various combat formations of the German Army. Jan. 24 - Feb. 22, 1945. Ia, Festung Posen. Seven maps (six maps 1:100000 and one 1:25000) and one overlay indicating the disposition of troops and other allied matters pertaining to the defense of Posen. Dec. 25, 1944 - Jan. 1545. Ia, Folder contains 33 maps, charts and sketches relative to the OB of German units, location of Soviet installations, situation maps, weekly graphic reports, graph indicating casualty status and replacement gains. These pertain to engagements on the eastern front; i.e., in the area just northeast of Berlin. Table of contents mentions the following cities: Dessau - Roesslau, Graudenz, and Stettin. Feb. 15 - Mach 9, 1945. Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Data relative to war materiel requirements, situation reports, concern over shortage of aircraft fuel; and two situation maps indicating the disposition of friendly and enemy troops in the vicinity of Stettin. Chefsachen. March 13 - 15, 1945. Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. 21 maps and charts inc1uding 5 situation maps (1:300000) of area northeast of Berlin, maps indicating the disposition of Volkssturm units in Ponmerania, defense of Posen and Schneidermuehl, and situation map of Bad Freienwalde. Nov. 28, 1944 - Jan. 31, 1945.[/more] T311 R171 Содержание: [more]Ia, Lagekarten der Heeresgruppe Weichsel. 9 situation maps (1:300000) indicating disposition of troops in general area northeast of Berlin and extending into Poland. Chefsachen. Jan. 24 - 31, 1945. Ia, Lagekarten der Heeresgruppe Weichsel. 36 situation maps (mostly 1:300000) of the area of eastern and northeastern Germany, and several sketches of tank defenses in these areas. Chefsacken. Feb. 1 - 23, 1945. la, Lagekarten. Maps showing Volkssturn Einsatz in Pommern; Posen "C" Stellung; Lageplan "Bad Freienwald"; Stellung Schneidemuh1, Lagekarten H.Gr. Weichsel. Nov. 28, 1944 - Jan. 31, 1945. Misc., Folder not H.Gr. Weichsel provenance. Contains photostats of a Mobliste for the German Army from Heeresgruppen down to divisions. A1so photostatic copy of an "Ubersicht der Heeres-, Armee- und Korps-Panzertruppen issued by the Generalinspekteur der Panzertrupnen. Nov. l944., 1944 - 1945. Misc., Oberkommando des Heeres, Op. Abt. Folder not Heeresgruppe Weichsel contains small photocopies of operational orders issued by the OKH/Generalstab Heeres, Operationsabteilung. The orders were sent to the army commands fighting in the East in an attempt to improve the desperate situation on the collapsing Eastern front. Jan. 31 - Feb. 7, 1945. 0,Qu., 0. Qu/V (Pz.) , "Zusammenstellung uber den Bestand an Pz.-Kpfw. sowie den Einsatz der Pz.-Inst.- und Bergdienste im Monat Februar 1945." Photoprint. March 9, 1945. Ia, "Wichtigste Feindfeststellungen vor Heeresgruppe Weichsel." Photocopies of maps. Area east of Stettin and Frankfurt/Oder. Indicates units and artillery installations. Jan. 25 - April 25, 1945. Ia, Diensteinteilung. 0B and troop dispositions of Heeresgruppe Weichsel i.e. names of commanding officers, units, and duty assignments. March 1 - April 30, 1945. Ia, Feindbeurteilung. Data on estimated strength and probable points of attack by Soviet Army forces. General area in Berlin and vicinity. Also a one page report disclosing the number of enemy tanks destroyed by various German Army groups. April 19 - May 7, 1945. O.Qu., Weekly 0B and fire-power reports of 2nd Army; OB charts of 2nd, 9th and 11th Army artillery; intelligence map sketches (1:300000) on Red artillery; intelligence map overlay (1:300000) of Fkankfurt-Schneidemuehle region; operations map (1:100000) of XL Pz.Corps; map (1:300000) of Nibelungen positions on the Oder; 11th Army operations map (1:50000) of Falkenburg area, east of the Oder. Feb. 3 - 9, 1945.[/more] 9-я Армия / Armeeoberkommando 9 T312 R297 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlage z. KTB, Armeebefehle und Verfugungen. Jul 1 - 17, 1942. Ia, Anlage z. KTB, Armeebefehle und Verfugungen. Jul 18 - Aug 31, 1942. Ia, Anlage z. KTB, Armeebefehle und Verfugungen. Sep 1 - Oct 7, 1942. Ia, Anlage z. KTB, Armeebefehle und Verfugungen. Oct 8 - Nov 25, 1942. Ia, Befehle ubergeordneter Dienststellen (insbes. H.Gr.Befehle). Operational orders from H.Gr. Mitte. Jul 1 - Dec 19, 1942. Ia, Befehle und Verfugungen der Korps. Orders and reports of operations and intended operations from the Armeekorps. Jul 1 - Oct 30, 1942. Ia, Befehle und Verfugungen der Korps. Unit reorganization and reinforcement; operational reports, maps. Nov 1 - Dec 12, 1942. Ia, Beitrage anderer Hausstellen. Miscellaneous reports of the Abteilungens Bv.T.O. and Bewegung "Tennisball"; Ic/A.O. Feindbeurteilungen; IIa/b Verlustliste; reports on Unternehmen "Seydlitz." Jul 1 - Nov 30, 1942. Ia, Notizen der Abt. Ia. Kriegstagebuch-Notizen, Gefechtsstarken, OB Besprechungsnotizen; Vortrags-Notiz (Chef-Besprechung bei der Heeresgruppe), Lagebeurteilungen. Jul 1 - Dec 19, 1942. Ia/Mess., Tatigkeitsgericht. Apr 1 - Jun 30, 1942. Ia/Mess., Anlage 1-7 z. Tatigkeitsbericht. Grid corrections for maps. Apr 1 - Jun 30, 1942.[/more] 21-я Армия / Armeeoberkommando 21 T312 R111 Содержание: [more]Ic, Versohiedenes. Bulletins giving news from Moscow and London on the military situation and the capitulation of Germany; a broadcast of Reichssender Hamburg on the nomination of Graf Schwerin v. Krosigk as Reichsaussenminister; radio address by Schwerin v. Krosigk; bulletin from Fuhrerhauptquartier announcing Hitler's death and a radio report from Heeresgruppe Weichsel on the military situation. May 1945.[/more] 1-я Парашютная Армия / Fallschirm-Armeeoberkommando T312 R111 Содержание: [more]Ia, Ic, IVb, [Verschiedenes]. Organizational data; TB of the Feldwirtschaftsoffizier; order of battle data; orders to shoot deserters and to set up regimental courts-martial; Armeearzt order about physical fitness required for parachute training etc.; directives for dysentery inoculations; a 16-page report appraising Anglo-American landings in Normandie; and casualty list for Feb 1945. 1944 - 1945. (Frames 7640269-78, 7640282-92 and 7640295-304 are duplicates of the casualty list.)[/more] Армия Лигурия / Armeeoberkommando Ligurien T312 R111 Содержание: [more]Ia, Stammtafel. Data showing units to which the Heeresverpflegungsdienststelle IV was attached. 1944. IVa, iTStigkeitsberichte. Monthly reports. Jul 1 - Dec 31, 1944. Ia, Arbeitseinteilung. Functions and responsibilities of staff officers (Abteilungen) of Armee Ligurien. Sep 1, 1944. O.Qu., Qu.l, Kriegsgliederung d. Versorgungstruppen. Order of battle data covering supply troops of Armee Ligurien. Also 2 overlays and a Lageplan Paullo (1:1750). Apr 1, 1945, Ia, Ic, Letter of AOK Ligurien, Apr 11, 1945, asking that the authorized and actual strength of the Italian Divisions "Italia," "Littoria," "San Marco" and "Monte Rosa" be the same as that of the German divisions assigned to AOK Ligurien. Also a situation map (n.s.) for the area north of Geneva. Apr 1945. Ia, O.Qu., IVb, Excerpts from Ia daily reports, Feb 1945, on organizational changes (Armeegruppe Ligurien to be renamed AOK Ligurien); O.Qu. survey of billets; order of battle data; directives on Operation "Stier" (the withdrawal of the wounded and materiel); alert plan, Apr 10, 1945, for O.Qu. of AOK Ligurien with timetables for stages I, II, III; IVb activity reports, Feb-Mar 1945; a report, Oct 1, 1944, on operations against the English First Parachute Division west of Arnheim; orders of Nov 1944 to decrease battle strength of all Wehrmaoht formations by 10% and to buy supplies in Italy; and orders about the evacuation and destruction of supplies in case of an emergency. Jun 1944 - Apr 1945. O.Qu., Qu.l, Munitions-Bestandsmeldungen fur Panzerabwehrwaffen. Reports of antitank weapons and ammunition on hand. Correspondence on establishing emergency storage places for ammunition. Mar - Apr 1945. Ia Documents, mostly in Italian and from Italian sources, with a few receipts and forwarding letters in German. They deal mostly with French fortifications along the French-Italian border, indicating exact location of each; estimate of possible actions that might be taken by the French on the Alpine frontier; list of Italian units available for action, with their location; sites of artillery (Italian) emplacements; map (scale l:20000) of area north and west of Cannes. Feb 21 - Mar 7, 1941; Aug 16 - Sep 21, 1944; Feb 2, 1945.[/more] Более подробно содержание роллов запостил на райберте: http://reibert.info/forum/showthread.php?t=133579&highlight=NARA По мере обновления коллекции - буду здесь же отмечать обновления. Короче, если кого-то что-то заинтересует - отписываемся тут или в личку. Если есть желание преобрести что-либо из документов, то и это тоже возможно. Оплата - было бы предпочтительно через Приват24. Выкладка материала на паблик-хост или ФТП.

Ответов - 301, стр: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 All

alte Leute: 9. Armee T312 R309 Содержание: IVa, Anlagen zu den Tatigkeitsberichten. Beitrage zu den Besonderen Anordnungen. Jan 3 - Mar 25, 1943 O.Qu., Kriegstagebuch. Jan 1 - Mar 25, 1943 III, Tatigkeitsbericht und 1 Anlagenband. Report on administration of justice, its organization and personnel. Jan 1 - Mar 31, 1943 IVa, IVb, IVc, O.Qu., Tatigkeitsberichte. Jan 1 - Mar 25, 1942 IVd/Ev.&Kath., APM, Tatigkeitsberichte. Jan 1 - Mar 31, 1943 Bv.T.O., A.Wi.Fu., Tatigkeitsberichte. Jan 1 - Mar 25, 1943 O.Qu.2, A.O. Kraft., Betr.Stoff-Versorgung, W.Ing., Beitrage z. KTB. Includes material on the employment of local labor, on refugee movements, prisoners of war, and booty taken. Jan 1 - Mar 25, 1943 O.Qu., 3 Anlagenbande z. KTB, Abendmeldungen, Wochenberichte, Monatsberichte. Jan 1 - Mar 25, 1943 O.Qu., 1 Anl. Band zum KTB. Sammelband. Material on fodder, fuel, ammunition and other supplies and on the employment of local labor. Jan 1 - Mar 25, 1943 O.Qu., Anl. Band zum KTB. Karten. Jan 1 - Mar 25, 1943 O.Qu., Anl. Band zum KTB. Meldungen an Gen Qu. Tagesmeldungen, Zahlenmeldungen and other reports on losses, wastage, and the supply situation made to OKH/Gen.Qu. and Heeresgruppe Mitte. Jan 1 - Mar 25, 1943

alte Leute: 20. Infanterie-Division (mot) T315 R726 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch 3. Operations after the cessation of hostilities in France, in the areas between Vesoul and Besancon, transfer to the demarcation line west of Autun and then to Chatillon-en-Bazois, the subsequent movement to an area west of Paris for preparation of Operation "Seelowe" (planned invasion of England), and training. A list of officers' duty assignments, and combat and ration strength reports. The division was subordinate successively to the XLI. A.K., AOK 2, and the XIV. and XV. A.K. for training, and to the XLV. A.K., and Pz.Gr. 3. Generalmajor Zorn assumed command on Nov 10, 1940. Jun 24 - Nov 30, 1940 Ic, Tatigkeitsberichte als Anlagen z. KTB 3. Events along the demarcation line in France and the enemy situation. Reports on troop strength of Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, and Turkey and on German-Russian relations. Jun 25 - Nov 30, 1940 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB 3. Corps and division orders, training directives, and afteraction reports on the western campaign. Jun 23 - Nov 29, 1940 Ia, Tatigkeitsbericht 1. Activity report concerning the movement from an area west of Paris to Magdeburg, Germany, for training and refitting, the transfer back to the Auxerre and Corbigny areas of France to participate in Operation "Attila" (plan to occupy the unoccupied part of France), the planned march to Marseille, training in chemical warfare, entraining at Auxerre for movement to Vienna and to Gross Born, near Poznan, Poland, for training. Dec 1, 1940 - May 25, 1941 Ia, Anlage 1 z. TB 1. Division orders, training directives, and maps showing billeting areas. Nov 27, 1940 - Mar 30, 1941 Ic, Tatigkeitsbeficht. Activity report concerning preparations in Auxerre for Operation "Attila" and troop entertainment in Magdeburg and Gross Born; and an intelligence bulletin pertaining to the enemy situation. Dec 1, 1940 - May 24, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 4, Teil I. War journal concerning training activities at Gross Born; movement to Sensburg, East Prussia, and transfer to the Russian border for the invasion of Russia; crossing the border at Olita (Alitus), Lithuania; advance toward Vilna; crossing the Dvina River at Vitebsk; and combat operations in the encirclement battle of Smolensk. Jun 22 - Aug I8, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 4, Teil II. War journal concerning operations in the Smolensk area; the transfer via Vitebsk, Ostrov, and Pskov to the northern sector; and the encirclement of Leningrad. Aug 19 - Sep 30, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 4, Teil IV. War journal concerning operations and activities in the Volkhov area south of Lake Ladoga. Also, a summarized report pertaining to operations, condition of personnel and equipment, awards and decorations issued, number of prisoners captured, equipment and materiel captured and destroyed, and casualties from Jun 22 to Dec 23, 1941. Nov 21 - Dec 23, 1941 Ia, Anlage A z. KTB 4, Akte I-III. Special traffic directives, intelligence bulletins, division orders relating to preparations for frontline duty, and corps and division orders and radio messages concerning operations in the central sector of the eastern front during the initial invasion. Jun 3 - 30, 1941

alte Leute: LVI. Armeekorps / Panzerkorps T314 R1389 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch 1. War journal concerning preparations for the invasion of Russia, offensive operations from Jun 22, 1941, from the Memel area through Lithuania, Latvia, Porkhov, Shimsk on Lake Ilmen, to Luga, transfer southeast to Staraya Russa, offensive across the Lovat and Pola Rivers to Demyansk. On Sep 14, 1941, the Corps came under HGr Mitte and advanced to Klin northwest of Moscow. The Corps was subordinate to Pz.Gr. 4, AOK 16, and Pz.Gr. 3, successively during this period under the command of Gen.d.Inf. Fritz Erich von Manstein and General von Lewinski, Mar 15, 1940 - Sep 12, 1941, and Gen.d.Pz.Tr. Ferdinand Schaal, Sep 13, 1941 - Aug 15, 1943. Jun 19, 1941 - Jan 21, 1942 Ia, Anlage G z. KTB 1. Order of battle charts of subordinate units while they were in East Prussia, Lithuania, Ingermanland, and the area southwest of Moscow. Jun 12 - Dec 29, 1941 Ia, Anlage H z. KTB 1, Chefsache. Directives from OKH, Pz.Gr. 4, and Kommandostab Blucher concerning troop training and concentration in assembly areas, materiel for bridge construction, border patrols, and march movements preceeding the execution of Operation "Barbarossa" (invasion of Russia). Mar 8 - Sep 23, 1941 Ia, Chefsache, Kommando der Panzergruppe 4, Aufmarsch und Kampfanweisung "Barbarossa" (Studie). Directives from Pz.Gr. 4 to subordinate units concerning the concentration of troops and battle directives for Operation "Barbarossa." May 2 - Jun 13, 1941 Ia, Anlage J z. KTB 1. Correspondence of Generals von Manstein, Hoppner, and Busch, and of other unit commanders and chiefs of staff pertaining to military problems such as capabilities, needs, grievances, and points needing emphasis. Also, a map showing the tactical situation on the Lovat River front. Jul 1 - Sep 4, 1941 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB 1. Reports, teletype messages, orders, order of battle charts, and maps and overlays pertaining to operations and the tactical situation during the beginning of the Russian campaign, and lists of officers' duty assignments. Jun 18 - 30, 1941 6. Panzer-Division T315 R351 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch des Pz. Grenadier Regiments 4. Sep 12, 1943 - Jul 14, 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch II/S.R. 4. Jan 1 - May 9, 1940 Ia, Kriegstagebuch II/S.R. 4. May - Jun 1940 Ia, Tatigkeitsbericht des Schutzenregiments 114. Aug 1, 1940 - Apr 21, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch Nr. 1, Schutzenregiment 114. Jun 1941 - May 1942 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Schutzen-Bataillon 114. Dec 1941 - May 1942 Ia, Kriegstagebuch mit Anlagen. Radio messages, information about enemy, orders. Feb 18 - Mar 7, 1943

alte Leute: X. Armeekorps T314 R446 Содержание: Ia, Anlagen z. KTB Westen VII, Meldungen. Reports to higher headquarters on reconnaissance, and recognition signals to be used between ground and air forces. Jul 29 - Oct 29, 1940 Ia, Ic, IIa, Tatigkeitsberichte. Reports on activities during the transfer of the corps from Carsix (France) to Neidenburg (East Prussia) in preparation for the Russian campaign. Nov 1, 1940 - Jan 31, 1941 Ia, Ic, Tatigkeitsberichte. Training instructions for the corps while it was in East Prussia with emphasis on field maneuvers, chemical defense, and defense against possible action by Polish underground organizations. Feb 1 - May 25, 1941 Ia, Befehle. Tactical information on the German advance during the first phase of the eastern campaign; the crossing of the Neman River; the assault via Livani (Dvina), Opochka, Porkhov, Staraya Russa, and the Lovat River to the Lake Ilmen area. Jun 22 - Dec 12, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch Ost I. War journal on tactical operations and the advance across the Neman River to the assault on Porkhov east of Pskov including a report on intelligence activity, an army directory, and casualty and strength reports. May 26 - Jul 20, 1941 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB Ost I, Armee- u. Korpsbefehle. Army and corps orders pertaining to tactical operations during the German advance from the crossing of the Neman River near Babtei to the vicinity of Porkhov. Jun 22 - Jul 20, 1941 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB Ost I, Fern- u. Funkspriiche, Fernschreiben. Messages pertaining to the period before the invasion of Russia and to the actual campaign from the crossing of the Neman River near Babtei to operations in the vicinity of Porkhov. Apr 19 - Jul 23, 1941 3. Panzer-Division T315 R165 Содержание: Na Fu, Funkspruche. Aug. 7 - 9, 1943 Na Fu, Funkspruche. Operational and tactical messares, orders, reports. Aug. 10 - 20, 1943 6. Panzer-Division T315 R350 Содержание: Ia, "Krieg im Westen." Combat report of the 6th Pz. Div. May - Jun 1940 Ib, Kriegstagebuch. Jun 22, 1941 - Apr 14, 1942 Ia, Kriegstagebuch-Entwurf. Jun 25 - Sep 30, 1944 Ia, Anlagen zum Kriegstagebuch. Orders, information about the enemy. May 8 - 20, 1940 Ia, Divisionsbefehle. May - Jul 1940 Ia, Kriegstagebuch Nr. 3 des Schutzenregiments 4. Apr 22, 1941 - May 22, 1942

alte Leute: Armee Norwegen / 20. Gebirgs-Armee T312 R990 Содержание: Ia, Anl.bd. 6 z. KTB Nr. 4. Tables of organization of units of Gebirgskorps Norwegen. Sep 18, 1940 Ia, "Bluecher" Erlebnisberichte. Reports on the personal experiences of the men who served on the warship "Bluecher" which was later sunk. Apr 6 - 9, 1940 Ia, Erfahrungsberichte of Gruppe XXI. Reports on experiences gained in the Norwegian Campaign. Jul 20, 1940 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB Nr. 2. Reports of Gruppe Narvik to Gruppe XXI and orders by Gruppe XXI to Gruppe Narvik concerning operations in the Drontheim, Dombass, Flegvis and Wittstock areas. May 11 - Jun 25, 1940 O.Qu., Kriegstagebuch. May 22 - Jun 10, 1940 O.Qu., Anl. 2 z. KTB. Special Directives Nr. l-38 dealing with AOK 20 O.Qu. supply activities. Nr. 1 and 2 concern Operation "Weseruebung." Mar 8 - May 17, 1940 O.Qu., Anl. 3 z. KTB. Special directives concerning the conduct of German troops during the occupation of Denmark and Norway. Mar 13 - Apr 18, 1940

alte Leute: 20.Panzer-Division T315 R747 Содержание: Ia, Anlagenband C 2 z. KTB 6, Divisionsbefehle. Jan 4 - Jun 30, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband G z. KTB 6, Gefechts- und Verpflegungsstarken und Verwendungsbereite Waffen. Jan 1 - Jun 20, 1943 Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht mit Anlagen 1 - 126 als Anlagenband D 2 z. KTB 6. Activity report including interrogation summaries, intelligence bulletins, daily reports concerning enemy operations and situation, overlays and maps, translations, and reconnaissance reports from the Donskoi area. Apr 1 - Jun 20, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 7, Textband, Erstschrift mit Aktenplan. War journal relating to operations in the Donskoi area north of Orel and the retreat across the Desna River south of Bryansk. The division was subordinate to the XLVII. Pz.K., LIII. A.K., XLI. Pz.K., XXIII. A.K., Gruppe Harpe, LVI. Pz.K., and the LV. A.K. at various times during this period under the command of Generalmajor v. Kessel. Jul 1 - Oct 8, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband A z. KTB 7, Zustandsberichte mit Kriegsgliederungen. Jul 1 - Oct 8, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband C z. KTB 7, Gefechts- und Verpflegungsstarken, Verwendungsbereite Waffen. Jul 1 - Oct 8, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband C 1 z. KTB 7, Befehle von Korps, Armee und hoheren Staben. Jul 1 - Oct 8, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband C 2 z. KTB 7, Divisionsbefehle. Jul 1 - Oct 8, 1943

alte Leute: II. Armeekorps T314 R91 Содержание: IVa, IVb, IVc, III, Tatigkeitsberichte. West. June 25, 1940 - March 8, 1941 Ia, Unterlagen Ostfeldzug, Band 1. Information about the first days of the Eastern campaign and details on military operations. June 21 - 26, 1941 Ia, Unterlagen Ostfeldzug, Band 2. Information about the first days of the Russian campaign and details on military operations. June 27 - July 1, 1941 Ia, Unterlagen Ostfeldzug, Band 3. Information on the first phase of the war against Russia, giving also details on tactical operations. July 2 - 6, 1941 Ia, Unterlagen Ostfeldzug, Band 4. Information on the first phase of the war against Russia, giving also details on tactical operations near Pustina. July 7 - 14, 1941

alte Leute: 217. Infanterie-Division T315 R1650 Содержание: Ic, Anlage zum TB, Feindpropaganda, Uabervachung der Zivilbevoelkerung, Voelkerrechtsverletzungen, Massnahmen gegen Pluenderung. Reports, directives, and leaflets pertaining to enemy propaganda; control of the civilian population, alleged Soviet violations of international lav, and measures taken against looting. 1941/06/24 - 1942/02/06 Ic, Anlage zum TB, Geistige Betreuung, Berichte zur Veroeffentlichung in der Presse. Reports concerning troop indoctrination and entertainment and press releases. 1941/09/12 - 1942/01/13 Ic, Anlage zum TB, Meldungen. 1941/06/22 - 1941/07/13 Ic, Anlage zum TB, Meldungen. 1941/07/14 - 1941/08/04 Ic, Anlage zum TB, Meldungen. 1941/07/29 - 1942/11/29 Ic, Anlage zum TB, Meldungen an AK 26. 1941/11/30 - 1942/02/28 Ia, KTB 3. Daily reports, in lieu of a war journal, pertaining to the invasion and crossing of Lithuania and penetration of Latvia to Jelgava, 22 - 30 Jun 1941, advance and offensive engagements to Paide, Estonia, via Riga, Parnu, and Turi, 1-31 Jul 1941, capture of Paide and security of the Paide area, 1-9 Aug 1941, advance and offensive engagements to Reval {Tallin) via Rapla, 10-28 Aug 1941, capture of Beval and coastal defense in the Reval and Paldiski areas, 29 Aug-18 Sep 1941, transfer to the Oranienbaum front, 19-24 Sep 1941, and position defense in the area south of Oranienbaum. Order-of-battla chart; afteraction reports and a critique concerning Russian attacks, 10-11 Dec 1941 and 30 Jan 1942; and appraisals of the German and enemy military situation in December 1941 and January and February 1942. 1941/06/22 - 1942/02/28

alte Leute: 29. Infanterie-Division (mot) T315 R844 Содержание: Ia, Anlage 8 z. KTB, IV. Gefechtsabschnitt C. Corps and division orders, reports, and messages concerning the encirclement of Bryansk in the Navlya area. Also, reports of the Intelligence Branch concerning enemy units along the divisions front and interrogation summaries on prisoners of war. Oct 11 - 13, 1941 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB, Luftbilder. Jul 28 - Aug 26, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebucher 2-5. The encirclement east of Smolensk on the Dnieper River, offensives toward Pochep on the Rog River, the battles along the Desna River in the Yampol area, the advance north toward Bryansk, east to Karachev, and northeast to Mtsensk. Also, lists of officers' duty assignments and casualties, combat and ration strength reports, and reports on losses of vehicles and weapons, ammunition expended, number of prisoners taken, and amount of captured equipment. The division was subordinate to the XLVII. Pz.K., Pz.Gr. 2, LIII. A.K., and Pz.AOK 2 during this period. Jul 30 - Dec 16, 1941

alte Leute: XXVI. Armeekorps T314 R755 Содержание: Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht mit Anlagen 1-13, Teil I-II. Activity and situation reports, orders, information bulletins, maps, and correspondence concerning security measures and economic intelligence, Soviet tactics and activities, Russian railroads and German-Soviet border incidents. Jul 7, 1940 - Jun 30, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 6. War journal concerning border security, construction of defenses, organizational matters, weather conditions, plans in case of war with the Soviet Union, the attack against Russia on June 22, 1941, and subsequent combat actions. During this period the German Army advanced almost to the Luga River. Jun 1 - Aug 20, 1941 Ia, Anlagenbande 1-2 z. KTB 6, Anlagen 1-100. Orders and reports pertaining to the campaign against Soviet forces in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia; unit transfers; border security measures; order of battle of Soviet forces; and communication facilities. Jun - Jul 1941 Ia, Anlagenbande 3-4 z. KTB 6, Anlagen 101-192. Orders and reports, chiefly prepared by the Operations Branch, containing data concerning measures to capture Estonia from the Soviet forces, organizational matters, and activities of Soviet naval forces including several situation maps and overlays (1:100,000 and n.s.) indicating troop locations, routes of advance, and other information. Jul 13 - Aug 19, 1941 Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht z. KTB 6. Activity report of the Intelligence Branch for the period Jun 1 - Aug 20, 1941, containing data about matters affecting morale of own (German) troops, and about the Soviet Army including security measures, combat actions against the Soviet forces in the Baltic countries, intelligence obtained from interrogations of Soviet prisoners of war, and propaganda results in the general area of Lake Peipus. Jan 14, 1942 Ic, Anlagenmappe 2 z. TB, Feindnachrichten. Information reports prepared by the Intelligence Branch containing data about organization and changes within Soviet Army units, estimated strength of opposing Soviet forces, Soviet positions and location of units, estimate of Soviet intentions, evaluation of Soviet soldiers, and related intelligence data. Jun 14 - Aug 22, 1941 Ic, Anlagenmappe 3 z. TB, Richtlinien. Instructions prepared by the Intelligence Branch concerning preparation and submission of intelligence reports, essential elements of information obtained through prisoner-of-war interrogations, and exploitation of captured documents and materials. Jun 9, 1941

alte Leute: 20.Panzer-Division T315 R744 Содержание: Ic, Anlagen z. TB als Anlagenband L 6 z. KTB 2 Ia, Gefangenenvernehmungen. Summaries of interrogations of prisoners of war and deserters. Aug 8, 1941 - Apr 30, 1942 Ic, Anlagen z. TB als Anlagenband L 8 z. KTB 2 Ia, Aufrufe, Verordnungen. Propaganda leaflets, orders, and regulations. Aug 15, 1941 - Apr 30, 1942 Ic, Anlagen z. TB als Anlagenband L 9 z. KTB 2 Ia, Feindunterlagen allgemeiner Art. Instructions and regulations concerning partisan warfare, and translations of enemy orders. Aug 18 - Nov 9, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 1. War journal concerning activities in Sangerhausen, Nordhausen, and in the troop training area of Ohrdruf, entraining for movement to East Prussia (Loetzen area) for the invasion of Russia, crossing the border in the Suwalki area, the advance and combat operations toward Vilna, Minsk, and .Smolensk. The division was subordinate to the XXXIX. A.K. from May 5 to Jul 26, 1941, and to the LVII. Pz.K. from Jul 26, 1941. On Aug 2, 1941, Oberst von Bismarck became temporary division commander, replacing Gen.Lt. Stumpff. May 25 - Aug 15, 1941 Ia, Anlagenband z. KTB 1. Division orders and reports with an overlay concerning operations. Also, lists of officers' duty assignments. Jun 17 - Aug 15, 1941 Ia, Anlagenband z. KTB 1, Befehle, Schriftverkehr, Vorbereitungen zum Angriff, Kriegsgliedemngen, Auffrischung. May 7 - Aug 15, 1941 Ia, Anlagenband C 1 z. KTB 1, Eingegangene Befehle des XXXIX. A.K. Jim 6 - 30, 1941 Ia, Anlagenband C 2 z. KTB 1, Eingegangene Befehle des XXXIX. A.K. und LVII. Pz.K. Jul 1 - Aug 8, 1941 Ia, Anlagenbande C 3-4 z. KTB 1, Erhaltene u. erstattete Meldungen. Jun 20 - Aug 15, 1941

alte Leute: III.Panzerkorps T314 R182 Содержание: III, Tatigkeitsberichte. First report concerns Polish campaign and second report the Western front. Aug. 1939 - May 1940 Ia, Kriegstagebuch Nr. 4 mit Anlagen A, C und D. Diary covers activities in occupied territory in Poland. July - Aug. 1940 la/Ic, Tatigkeitsberichte. Include instructions that all command units under the Eighteenth Army are to maintain "Activity Reports" instead of "War Diaries". Reports cover activities in occupied Poland before invasion of Russia. Aug. 1940 - May 1941 Fuhrungsabteilung, Anlagen zur Akte Tatigkeitsberichte. Includes various reports, organizational charts, maps, orders for training of general staff officers, supply directives, propaganda material during occupation of Poland Aug. 1940 - May 1941 Ia, Generalstabs-Ausbildung 1941 - Studie. Study of the Chief of staff of the III Corps for the Chief of Staff of the Seventeenth Army preparatory to the attack on Russia. Feb. 5, 1941 IVa, Tatigkeitsbericht mit Anlagen. Report includes data about personnel and administrative supply rations, fiscal matters, clothing supplies, pay, etc. in occupied Poland. July 1940 - May 1941 IVa, Tatigkeitsbericht, Korpsintendant. Concerns problems of supply of food and other necessities and attempts to secure these from Russian sources. June - Dec. 1941 Fuhrungsabteilung, Kriegstagebuch Nr. 5. Daily activities of an operational and planning nature in occupied Poland before the invasion of Russia. May - June 1941 Ia, Anlagen A: Kriegsgliederungen, C: Operationsakten, E: Allgemein z. KTB Nr. 5. Enclosures divided into three parts: Organizational charts, Operational plans and reports, and general. Definite plans leading up to the attack on Russia outlined, including Hitler's letter to troops on the Eastern front. May - June 1941 Ia, Generalstabs-Ausbildung 1941 - Studie. This study is a special enclosure to War Diary No. 5 and outlines plans for an attack in the East, including planning routes and highways to be used. Jan. 23, 1941 Fuhrungsabteilung, Kriegstagebuch 6. Operations during first month of the war against Russia - hourly and daily movements of units and other pertinent information. June - July 1941 la, Anlage A, Ausgange, Gen.Kdo. mot. Morning and daily reports, Corps directives, etc. concerning operations during the first month on the Russian front. June - July 1941 18.Panzer-Division T315 R706 Содержание: la, "Eine Nacht auf dem Divisionsgefechtsstand einer Panzerdivision" als Beitrag z. KTB. A report concerning the combat engagements of the division during the first three days of the Russian campaign in the Bialystok, Brest, Volkyovsk, Slonim, Kobrin, and Frushany areas. Jun 24 - 25, 1941 la, "Als die Vernichtungsschlacht um Kiew geschlagen wurde" (Stimmungsbild), Beitrag z. KTB. A report concerning combat activities during the offensive battle around Kiev. Sep 25, 1941 la, Kriegstagebuch mit Gefechtskalender, Teil I, Russland. War journal concerning the invasion of Russia (Jun 22, 1941); the division's operations in the Brest-Litovsk and Bialystok areas; and its advance via Pruzhany, Slonim, Baranovichi, Nesvizh, Stolotsy, Minsk, Borisov, Krupki, Tolochin, Orsha, Snolensk, and Pochinok to Yelnya and Roslavl. The division was subordinate to the XLVII. Pz.K. Jun 22 - Aug 20, 1941 la, Kriegstagebuch mit Gefechtskalender, Teil II, Russland. War journal concerning combat engagements in the Roslavl, Zhukovka, Bezhitsa, Pochep, Mglin, Uritski, and Bryansk areas. Aug 21 - Sep 29, 1941 la, Kriegstagebuch mit Gefechtskalender, Teil III, Russland. War journal concerning operations in the Bryansk, Belye Berega, and Karachev areas. Sep 30 - Oct 19, 1941 la, Anlagen z. KTB, Heimat und Russland. Corps and division orders, afteraction reports, and messages. May 26 - Jul 20, 1941 la, Anlagen z. KTB, Russland. Radio and teletype messages, reports, and corps and division orders. Jul 21 - Aug 14, 1941

alte Leute: XXXXIII.Armeekorps T314 R1014 Содержание: Ia, Anlagen z. KTB, Chefsachen. Orders and maps concerning counteroffensive east of Novosokolniki to relieve the pressure on the fortress and plans for resisting a possible enemy winter offensive in the Daugavpils (Dunaburg) area by outflanking Novosokolniki, reports on enemy strength, and charts showing order of battle of Pz. AOK 3. Apr 17 - Aug 25, 1943 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB, Akte "Blau". Orders concerning preparations for Operation "Blau" (a general withdrawal along the northern front to the Panther line). Sep 13, 1943 - Feb 17, 1944 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB, Akte "Grun". Orders and plans for Operation "Grun" (the withdrawal of Corps elements to the Luchs line, south of Novosokolniki, to protect the flanks of the I. Korps which was overrun in the Russian attack on Nevel). Included are maps and overlays illustrating successive positions. Dec 19, 1943 - Jan 4, 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch. War journal concerning defensive and antipartisan operations in the Novosokolniki and Pustoshka areas, the battle for Nevel, and preparations for withdrawal to the Luchs positions in the area south of Novosokolniki. Sep 19 - Dec 31, 1943 Ia, Anlagenbande I-II z. KTB, Tagesmeldungen. Daily operation reports from the divisions to the Corps and from the Corps to AOK l6/Armeegruppe Loch. Includes reports on casualties and prisoners taken. Sep 19 - Dec 31, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband III z. KTB, Band 29. Messages from and to higher headquarters, orders and units reports of the Corps concerning, operations at Novosokolniki and rear area security. Included are directives for the construction of Panther line fortifications and order of battle. Sep 19 - 30, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband IV z. KTB, Band 30. Orders of the Corps and AOK 16 and unit reports concerning operations on the Novosokolniki front. Included are directives for Operation "Blau", reports of the commanding general's inspections of the Panther line, and intelligence evaluations of enemy movements. Oct 1 - 31, 1943

alte Leute: 3. Gebirgs-Divison T315 R181 Содержание: Ib, IVa, IVb, IVc, IVd (ev), IVd (kath), V, WuG, Feldpostamt 68, Feldgendarmerie Trupp 68. B.A.V. u. Tatigkeitsberichte der Qu. Abt. Nov. 1, 1942 - Apr. 30, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Russland. July 5 - Nov. 15, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband I. Bildung der Gruppe Picker, Karten. July 6 - Nov. 12, 1943 Ia, Ic, Anlagenband 2. Gefangenenvernehmungen, Meldungen, Karten. Aug. 29 - Sep. 21, 1943 Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht. Sep. 1 - 30, 1943 XXX.Armeekorps T314 R832 Содержание: Ic, Anlagen 1-83 z. TB, Band 3. Miscellaneous papers supplementing the activity report, including intelligence maps (1:300000), directives concerning the organization of intelligence sections within subordinate units, intelligence bulletins and reports, orders requiring men quartered in private billets to make radios inoperative for any periods of absence from those billets, and standard operating procedures for reporting and processing intelligence information. Mar 23 - Apr 30, 1943 Ic, Anlagen 1-91 z. TB, Band 4. Various papers supplementing the activity report of the Intelligence Branch including intelligence maps (1:300000), directives on survey of excess classified material, and intelligence reports regarding activities in the Donets sector. May 1 - 31, 1943 Ic, Anlagen 1-79 z. TB, Band 5. Miscellaneous papers supplementing the activity report of the Intelligence Branch including intelligence maps, memorandum on the distribution and use of a Corps battle history containing classified data but issued without security restrictions, and intelligence reports. Jun 1 - 30, 1943 Ic, Anlagen 1-74 z. TB, Band 6. Annexes to the activity report of the Intelligence Branch containing intelligence maps (1:300000 and n.s.), intelligence reports concerning estimated enemy strength and losses, intelligence bulletins, and information on effectiveness of reporting and processing intelligence information. Also, papers on the employment of a theater group in Kaganovich for the entertainment of the troops. Jul 1 - 31, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, "Abwehrkampfe am Donez". War journal describing defensive operations along the Donets River front, in the Chuguyev and Izyum area. Includes information on desertion of Turkomans to the Russians and on the preparation of rear area fortifications. Aug 1 - 31, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, "Abwehrkampfe vom Donez" (1.9. - 26.9.43). War journal describing the retreat from the Donets River and efforts made to establish positions in the Dnieper River area in the face of Red attacks near Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhe. Sep 1 - 30, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, "Kampfe am Dnjepr" (27.9. - 24.10.43). War journal describing heavy combat and the retreat from the Dnieper River. Oct 1 - 31, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, "Kampfe im grossen Dnjeprbogen". War journal describing heavy combat and Russian advance toward Krivoi Rog. Nov 1 - 30, 1943 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB, "Abwehrkampfe am Donez". Miscellaneous papers supplementing the war journal including situation maps (l:100000), order of battle charts, orders charging local commanders with the prevention of panic and unauthorized withdrawals, other operations orders, and instructions regarding orderly withdrawals and destruction of supplies and surplus equipment. Aug 1 - 31, 1943 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB, "Abwehrkampfe vom Donez" (1.9. - 26.9.43). Annexes to war journal including situation maps (1:100,000), sketches of Dnieper River crossings in the Verkhne-Dneprovsk and Zaporozhe sectors, Army and Corps orders, operations reports on the withdrawal to the Dnieper positions, and memoranda concerning inadequacies found in field fortifications. Sep 1 - 30, 1943

alte Leute: 11. Panzer-Division T315 R599 Содержание: Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht z. KTB 9. Activity report concerning enemy operations in the Kharkov area, prisoner-of-war interrogation summaries, and overlays showing enemy positions south of Kharkov. Mar 1 - 31, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 10, Einsatz Russland; IIa, Tatigkeitsbericht. War journal concerning operations and activities in the Kharkov and Kursk areas. Corps orders pertaining to Operation "Zitadelle" (German counteroffensive in the Kursk battle). The division was subordinate to Pz.AOK 4, XLVIII. Pz.K., II. SS-Pz.K., and the LII. A.K. at various times during this period under the command of Generalmajor Mickl from May 17, 1943, when Generalleutnant v. Choltitz returned to Germany for hospitalization. Also, activity report of the Personnel Branch which is listed in the Potsdam Catalog as Item No. 34132/8 and was filmed with this folder. Apr 1 Jul 31, 1943 Ia, Anlagenbande 1-3 z. KTB 10. Radio and teletype messages, corps and division orders, reports, and rules for antipartisan actions. Apr 1 Jul 31, 1943

alte Leute: III.Panzerkorps T314 R184 Содержание: Ia, Anlagen Nr. 1 - 541, z. KTB, Band I. Orders, directives and situation and reconnaissance reports covering the battle for Krementschug and other areas. July - Aug. 1941 Ia, Anlagen Nr. 542 - 1056 z. KTB. Daily operational reports, messages and orders covering own and enemy situation, missions, air attach, etc. Areas: Ssurskoje, Dnjepropetrowsk, Podgorodroje. Aug. 19 - Sep. 22, 1941

alte Leute: 14. Panzer-Division T315 R656 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch 2. Operations of the division during its transfer from Yugoslavia to the Radom, Chelm, and Lublin areas; the invasion of Russia via Lutsk, Rovno, Zhitomir, Fastov, Kirovograd, Kremenchug, Krivoi Rog, Dnepropetrovsk, and Mariupol to the Rostov and Pokrovskoye areas; and defense along the Mius River. The division was subordinate to the III. A.K., III. Pz.K., and the XIV. Pz.K. at various times during this period under the command of Generalmajor Kuhn. May 1 - Dec 15, 1941 Ia, Anlagenband 1 z. KTB 2. Division and corps orders, daily operation and situation reports, and intelligence bulletins. Apr 26 - Aug 23, 1941 Ia, Anlagenband 2 z. KTB 2. Division orders, daily operation messages, and enemy situation reports. Aug 23 - Dec 15, 1941 Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht z, KTB 2. Daily intelligence reports concerning enemy operations, unit identification, and morale; prisoner-of-war interrogation reports, including those of the division commissar of the Russian 176th Division and the commanding general of the Russian 51st Security Division; and German translations of Soviet army orders. Jun 22 - Dec 15, 1941 Ic, Anlagenband z, TB. Intelligence bulletins, reports on Russian weapons, and overlays showing the enemy situation. Jun 25 - Nov 29, 1941

alte Leute: II. Armeekorps T314 R162 Index: Ia, Anlage 168a Ostfeldzug, Meldungen. Information on continuous Russian attacks near Vanatare, Sargaste, etc, and reports on minor German counter-attacks. Aug. 21 - 25, 1944 Ia, Anlage 168b Ostfeldzug, Meldungen. Information on Russian advance north of Dorpat and on mutual attacks near Reku, etc. Aug. 26 - 31, 1944 IIa, Tatigkeitsbericht. Information on casualties, assignments, promotions, decorations, transfers, replacements, and shifting of command posts. July 16 - Oct. 15, 1944 IIa, Kriegsrangliste. Directory listing all II Corps staff officers. July 16 - Oct. 15, 1944 IIa, Offiziersstellenbesetzungen. Information on unit and job assignments of all officers under the Corps command. July 16 - Oct. 15, 1944 IIa, Anerkennungsbefehle, Verlust- und Verleihungslisten. Unit citations for outstanding performance of duty, casualty lists of officers and enlisted men according to type of casualty (killed, wounded, and missing), and records of decorations by type of medals. July 16 - Oct. 15, 1944 Ic, Tagesmeldungen. Information on enemy and own activities and operations with regard to the major Russian offensive towards Dorpat. July 16 - Oct. 15, 1944 Ic, Nachrichten. Information on prisoner of war interrogations and observations of the enemy, tactical reports and situation estimates with regard to the major Russian offensive towards Dorpat. July 16 - Oct. 15, 1944

alte Leute: II. Armeekorps T314 R164 Содержание: Ia, Anlage 173 Ostfeldzug, Meldungen. Information on continuous Russian attacks near Masini, Lilayi, Kalnini, etc. Oct. 11 - 20, 1944 Ia, Anlage 174 Ostfeldzug, Meldungen. Information on major Russian attacks and further withdrawal of German troops near Vizuli, Camali, Panzeri, etc. Oct. 21 - 31, 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 5. Diary containing detailed entries on tactical operations at the Eastern front, mostly consisting of German withdrawals and continuous Russian advances in the Dorpat (Estonia) and Riga (Latvia) areas. July 16 - Oct. 15, 1944 Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht. Report containing detailed descriptions of intelligence activities. Oct. 16 - Dec. 31, 1944 Ic, Anlagen zum TB. Maps showing enemy movements, enemy artillery positions, air reconnaissance results, and enemy orders of battle. Oct. 16 - Dec. 31, 1944

alte Leute: VIII. Armeekorps T314 R389 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch. War journal containing tactical information on military operations at Penna, Staraya Russa, Nevel, Idriza, Pustoschka, Sheglovo, and Ossveya. Jul 20 - Dec 31, 1943 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Orders, reports, and tactical maps pertaining to operations at Penna, Staraya Russa, and Nevel (main points of Russian attacks). Jul 20 - Nov 16, 1943 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Orders, reports, and tactical maps concerning operations in the area of thb Shadro, Beresno, Jasno, and Nevedro Lakes. Nov 17 - Dec 22, 1943 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Orders, reports, and tactical maps concerning Operation "Otto" (annihilation of guerrilla bands in the Ossveya area, northwest of Vitebsk). Dec 23 - 31, 1943 Ia, Meldungen z. KTB. Daily reports containing tactical infomation on operations in the Vlassova, Karkatschevo, and Novoye Sselo areas. Jul 20 - Sep 30, 1943 Ia, Meldungen z. KTB. Daily reports containing tactical information on operations in areas of the Shadro, Beresno, Jasno, and Nevedro Lakes. Oct 1 - Dec 31, 1943

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