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NARA/BAMA обмен/продажа

alte Leute: Господа, есть ли люди заинтересованные в обмене NARA/BAMA документами? Своя коллекция пока небольшая, но стараюсь помаленьку обновлять. Сфера моих интересов - 1945, Восточный фронт, посему для себе в основном ищу именно эти доки, но в процессе обмена проходят через руки и документы более раннего периода и по другим направлениям. Имеющиеся на данный момент документы: Группа армий Висла / HGr Weichsel T311 R167 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Interesting communiques from the first week of Heeresgruppe Weichsell's existence. Telegrams from other army and SS commanders to the new OB, Himmler, on the military situation. Early orders issued by Himmler and communications back to Hitler. Included in the front of the folder is a copy of Hitler's order setting up the Heeresgrupe and charging Himmler with its command. Important materials on the conduct of operations in a most critical phase of the war. Jan, 21 - 31, 1945. Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Important operational orders and reports on the desperate fighting in East Germany. Internal problems of the Germans - approaching signs of dissolution. Efforts to supply and relieve cut-off units, Chefsachen. Feb. 1 - 14, 1945. [/more] T311 R168 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Data relative to daily activities of the German Army engaged in the campaign in Poland and Prussia; estimates of the situation regarding Soviet artillery units; behavior of Red Army soldiers in captured German territory; and casualty reports. Orders from Himmler from the Feld-Kommandostelle. Translations of Russian orders upon entering German territory. Feb. 15 - 25, 1945.[/more] T311 R169 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Data relative to daily activities of the German Army engaged in the campaign in Poland and Prussta; situation reports; arming of the Volkssturm; sketch (1:300000, for period 21 - 28 Feb 1945) giving an estimate of Soviet artillery forces and two maps showing the disposition of German troops in the vicinity of Stettin. Correspondence of Himmmler with Fegelein. March 3. - 14, 1945. Ia, Anlegen z. KTB. Daily activity reports on the German campaign in Poland, Prussia and Germany; and data anent strength reports, combat reports, Soviet Army methods of establishing a river crossing, utilization of captured Soviet Army equipment, assignment of German units, methods of operation to be utilized against Soviet forces, and experience gained from Soviet fighting tactics. Orders and evaluations from Himmler. March 15 - 31, 1945. Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Reports and messages, sent and received, regarding operations on the Eastern front, and particularly in Pomerania and Brandenburg. Includes notes, transcripts of telecons, and other papers containing pertinent info re Ninth Army, Third Pz. Army, and Commandant Swinemunde area. April 1 - 19, 1945.[/more] T311 R170 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Reports and messages, sent and received, re operations on the eastern front, mainly in the Berlin area. Includes notes, transcripts of telecons, and other papers containing pertinent information; orders from Heinrici and OB Besprechungen re evacuation of civilians. April 20 - 29, 2945. Ia, Unterlagen fur Kriegsgliederungen. Organizational break-down of various combat formations of the German Army. Jan. 24 - Feb. 22, 1945. Ia, Festung Posen. Seven maps (six maps 1:100000 and one 1:25000) and one overlay indicating the disposition of troops and other allied matters pertaining to the defense of Posen. Dec. 25, 1944 - Jan. 1545. Ia, Folder contains 33 maps, charts and sketches relative to the OB of German units, location of Soviet installations, situation maps, weekly graphic reports, graph indicating casualty status and replacement gains. These pertain to engagements on the eastern front; i.e., in the area just northeast of Berlin. Table of contents mentions the following cities: Dessau - Roesslau, Graudenz, and Stettin. Feb. 15 - Mach 9, 1945. Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. Data relative to war materiel requirements, situation reports, concern over shortage of aircraft fuel; and two situation maps indicating the disposition of friendly and enemy troops in the vicinity of Stettin. Chefsachen. March 13 - 15, 1945. Ia, Anlagen z. KTB. 21 maps and charts inc1uding 5 situation maps (1:300000) of area northeast of Berlin, maps indicating the disposition of Volkssturm units in Ponmerania, defense of Posen and Schneidermuehl, and situation map of Bad Freienwalde. Nov. 28, 1944 - Jan. 31, 1945.[/more] T311 R171 Содержание: [more]Ia, Lagekarten der Heeresgruppe Weichsel. 9 situation maps (1:300000) indicating disposition of troops in general area northeast of Berlin and extending into Poland. Chefsachen. Jan. 24 - 31, 1945. Ia, Lagekarten der Heeresgruppe Weichsel. 36 situation maps (mostly 1:300000) of the area of eastern and northeastern Germany, and several sketches of tank defenses in these areas. Chefsacken. Feb. 1 - 23, 1945. la, Lagekarten. Maps showing Volkssturn Einsatz in Pommern; Posen "C" Stellung; Lageplan "Bad Freienwald"; Stellung Schneidemuh1, Lagekarten H.Gr. Weichsel. Nov. 28, 1944 - Jan. 31, 1945. Misc., Folder not H.Gr. Weichsel provenance. Contains photostats of a Mobliste for the German Army from Heeresgruppen down to divisions. A1so photostatic copy of an "Ubersicht der Heeres-, Armee- und Korps-Panzertruppen issued by the Generalinspekteur der Panzertrupnen. Nov. l944., 1944 - 1945. Misc., Oberkommando des Heeres, Op. Abt. Folder not Heeresgruppe Weichsel contains small photocopies of operational orders issued by the OKH/Generalstab Heeres, Operationsabteilung. The orders were sent to the army commands fighting in the East in an attempt to improve the desperate situation on the collapsing Eastern front. Jan. 31 - Feb. 7, 1945. 0,Qu., 0. Qu/V (Pz.) , "Zusammenstellung uber den Bestand an Pz.-Kpfw. sowie den Einsatz der Pz.-Inst.- und Bergdienste im Monat Februar 1945." Photoprint. March 9, 1945. Ia, "Wichtigste Feindfeststellungen vor Heeresgruppe Weichsel." Photocopies of maps. Area east of Stettin and Frankfurt/Oder. Indicates units and artillery installations. Jan. 25 - April 25, 1945. Ia, Diensteinteilung. 0B and troop dispositions of Heeresgruppe Weichsel i.e. names of commanding officers, units, and duty assignments. March 1 - April 30, 1945. Ia, Feindbeurteilung. Data on estimated strength and probable points of attack by Soviet Army forces. General area in Berlin and vicinity. Also a one page report disclosing the number of enemy tanks destroyed by various German Army groups. April 19 - May 7, 1945. O.Qu., Weekly 0B and fire-power reports of 2nd Army; OB charts of 2nd, 9th and 11th Army artillery; intelligence map sketches (1:300000) on Red artillery; intelligence map overlay (1:300000) of Fkankfurt-Schneidemuehle region; operations map (1:100000) of XL Pz.Corps; map (1:300000) of Nibelungen positions on the Oder; 11th Army operations map (1:50000) of Falkenburg area, east of the Oder. Feb. 3 - 9, 1945.[/more] 9-я Армия / Armeeoberkommando 9 T312 R297 Содержание: [more]Ia, Anlage z. KTB, Armeebefehle und Verfugungen. Jul 1 - 17, 1942. Ia, Anlage z. KTB, Armeebefehle und Verfugungen. Jul 18 - Aug 31, 1942. Ia, Anlage z. KTB, Armeebefehle und Verfugungen. Sep 1 - Oct 7, 1942. Ia, Anlage z. KTB, Armeebefehle und Verfugungen. Oct 8 - Nov 25, 1942. Ia, Befehle ubergeordneter Dienststellen (insbes. H.Gr.Befehle). Operational orders from H.Gr. Mitte. Jul 1 - Dec 19, 1942. Ia, Befehle und Verfugungen der Korps. Orders and reports of operations and intended operations from the Armeekorps. Jul 1 - Oct 30, 1942. Ia, Befehle und Verfugungen der Korps. Unit reorganization and reinforcement; operational reports, maps. Nov 1 - Dec 12, 1942. Ia, Beitrage anderer Hausstellen. Miscellaneous reports of the Abteilungens Bv.T.O. and Bewegung "Tennisball"; Ic/A.O. Feindbeurteilungen; IIa/b Verlustliste; reports on Unternehmen "Seydlitz." Jul 1 - Nov 30, 1942. Ia, Notizen der Abt. Ia. Kriegstagebuch-Notizen, Gefechtsstarken, OB Besprechungsnotizen; Vortrags-Notiz (Chef-Besprechung bei der Heeresgruppe), Lagebeurteilungen. Jul 1 - Dec 19, 1942. Ia/Mess., Tatigkeitsgericht. Apr 1 - Jun 30, 1942. Ia/Mess., Anlage 1-7 z. Tatigkeitsbericht. Grid corrections for maps. Apr 1 - Jun 30, 1942.[/more] 21-я Армия / Armeeoberkommando 21 T312 R111 Содержание: [more]Ic, Versohiedenes. Bulletins giving news from Moscow and London on the military situation and the capitulation of Germany; a broadcast of Reichssender Hamburg on the nomination of Graf Schwerin v. Krosigk as Reichsaussenminister; radio address by Schwerin v. Krosigk; bulletin from Fuhrerhauptquartier announcing Hitler's death and a radio report from Heeresgruppe Weichsel on the military situation. May 1945.[/more] 1-я Парашютная Армия / Fallschirm-Armeeoberkommando T312 R111 Содержание: [more]Ia, Ic, IVb, [Verschiedenes]. Organizational data; TB of the Feldwirtschaftsoffizier; order of battle data; orders to shoot deserters and to set up regimental courts-martial; Armeearzt order about physical fitness required for parachute training etc.; directives for dysentery inoculations; a 16-page report appraising Anglo-American landings in Normandie; and casualty list for Feb 1945. 1944 - 1945. (Frames 7640269-78, 7640282-92 and 7640295-304 are duplicates of the casualty list.)[/more] Армия Лигурия / Armeeoberkommando Ligurien T312 R111 Содержание: [more]Ia, Stammtafel. Data showing units to which the Heeresverpflegungsdienststelle IV was attached. 1944. IVa, iTStigkeitsberichte. Monthly reports. Jul 1 - Dec 31, 1944. Ia, Arbeitseinteilung. Functions and responsibilities of staff officers (Abteilungen) of Armee Ligurien. Sep 1, 1944. O.Qu., Qu.l, Kriegsgliederung d. Versorgungstruppen. Order of battle data covering supply troops of Armee Ligurien. Also 2 overlays and a Lageplan Paullo (1:1750). Apr 1, 1945, Ia, Ic, Letter of AOK Ligurien, Apr 11, 1945, asking that the authorized and actual strength of the Italian Divisions "Italia," "Littoria," "San Marco" and "Monte Rosa" be the same as that of the German divisions assigned to AOK Ligurien. Also a situation map (n.s.) for the area north of Geneva. Apr 1945. Ia, O.Qu., IVb, Excerpts from Ia daily reports, Feb 1945, on organizational changes (Armeegruppe Ligurien to be renamed AOK Ligurien); O.Qu. survey of billets; order of battle data; directives on Operation "Stier" (the withdrawal of the wounded and materiel); alert plan, Apr 10, 1945, for O.Qu. of AOK Ligurien with timetables for stages I, II, III; IVb activity reports, Feb-Mar 1945; a report, Oct 1, 1944, on operations against the English First Parachute Division west of Arnheim; orders of Nov 1944 to decrease battle strength of all Wehrmaoht formations by 10% and to buy supplies in Italy; and orders about the evacuation and destruction of supplies in case of an emergency. Jun 1944 - Apr 1945. O.Qu., Qu.l, Munitions-Bestandsmeldungen fur Panzerabwehrwaffen. Reports of antitank weapons and ammunition on hand. Correspondence on establishing emergency storage places for ammunition. Mar - Apr 1945. Ia Documents, mostly in Italian and from Italian sources, with a few receipts and forwarding letters in German. They deal mostly with French fortifications along the French-Italian border, indicating exact location of each; estimate of possible actions that might be taken by the French on the Alpine frontier; list of Italian units available for action, with their location; sites of artillery (Italian) emplacements; map (scale l:20000) of area north and west of Cannes. Feb 21 - Mar 7, 1941; Aug 16 - Sep 21, 1944; Feb 2, 1945.[/more] Более подробно содержание роллов запостил на райберте: http://reibert.info/forum/showthread.php?t=133579&highlight=NARA По мере обновления коллекции - буду здесь же отмечать обновления. Короче, если кого-то что-то заинтересует - отписываемся тут или в личку. Если есть желание преобрести что-либо из документов, то и это тоже возможно. Оплата - было бы предпочтительно через Приват24. Выкладка материала на паблик-хост или ФТП.

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alte Leute: Да ладно, Кирилл, я просто пошутил, отметив Ваше появление на форуме... не более того. Я б даже сказал, что Ваше появление - это хорошо для нашего общего дела, насколько я могу судить по ww2.ru Вы достаточнно неплохой трейдер, правда не всегда внимательны к собственному почтовому ящику)) С неменьшим уважением, Иван

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! Группа армий "A" / Heeresgruppe A T311 R158 Содержание: Ia, O.Kdo.H.Gr. Sudukraine, Kriegstagebuch, Band 3, Teil 11. Aug. 1 - 19, 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Entwurfe. Draft of 75126/31 for the period Aug. 1 - 19, 1944. Ia, O.Kdo.H.Gr. Sudukraine, Kriegstagebuch, Band 4, Teil 1. Aug. 20 - Sep. 9, 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Entwurfe, Draft of 75126/32a for the period Aug. 20 - Sep. 5, 1944. Ia, O.Kdo.H.Gr. Sudukraine, Kriegstagebuch, Band 4, Teil 2. Sep. 6 - 30, 1944 Ia, O.Kdo.H.Gr. Sudukraine, Kriegstagebuch, Entwurfe, Band IV. Teil 2. Sep. 6 - 30, 1944 Ia, KTB Entwurfe, Band IV, Teil 3. Oct. 1 - 16, 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Band 4, Teil 3. Oct. 1 - 12, 1944 Ia, KTB Entwurfe, Band IV, Teil 3. Oct. 24 - 31, 1944 Ia, H.Gr. Sud, Anlagen z. KTB, Meldungen. Operational reports. Oct. 1 - 16, 24 - 31, 1944

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ! 72-й армейский корпус / LXXII. Armeekorps T314 R1562 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch 2. War journal concerning defensive operations in the Kherson area, east of the Dnieper River, reorganization of Stab Befehlshaber Westtaurien as Generalkommando LXXII. A.K. z.b.V. on Feb 20, 1944, and delaying actions and withdrawal between Feb and Jun 30, 1944, to Nikolayev on the Bug River, Odessa, to Cetatae Alba (Akkerman), Bairamcea, and Fecatei, Rumania. The Corps was subordinate to Rum. AOK 3, AOK 6, and H.Gr. Sudukraine, respectively, during this period, under the command of Gen. d. Inf. Sigismund von Forster from Jul 22, 1943, to Sep 25, 1944. Jan 1 - Jun 30, 1944 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB 2. Orders and reports, with maps, concerning withdrawal at Kherson and the Bug River, the evacuation of Nikolayev, and the demolition of rail lines. Jan 1 - Feb 29, 1944 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB 2. Reports concerning the operations of units of the Corps and Rumanian units in the vicinity of Odessa, and orders relating to the defense of Nikolayev. Mar 1 - 31, 1944 Ia, Anlagen z. KTB 2. Reports and orders relating to operations along the Dniester River. Also, a final report on operations in the Odessa area. Apr 1 - 30, 1944

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ! II. SS PANZER-KORPS Ia, KTB 4 und TB. War journal concerning transfer from Cholet, France to Makeyevka, Russia, 10-20 Jan; movement north to Voroshilovsk, Kharkov, 21-28 Jan; defensive operations in the Kharkov area, 28 Jan-14 Feb; disengagement movements in the Merefa, Krasnograd, Novo-Moskovsk, and Yuryevka areas, 15 Feb-3 Mar; advance and offensive engagements in the Krasny, Berestovenka, and Starovarovka areas, 4-9 Mar; offensive engagements in the Valki area, 10-16 Mar; attack on and capture of Kharkov, 17-20 Mar; offensive engagements in the Liptsy and Belgorod areas and pursuit to the Donets River, 21-23 Mar; and defense of the Donets Piver sector, 24-26 Mar 1943. War journal of the corps' antiaircraft battery, 9 Jan-26 Mar 1943, and activity reports of the personnel branch, 1 Jan-31 Mar, engineer staff officer, 1 Jan-18 Mar, Nazi guidance officer, 1 Jan-31 Mar, chemical warfare officer, 10-28 Mar, and the SS geologist company, 1-31 Mar 1943. 1943/01/09 - 1943/03/26 III. (GERMANISCHES) SS PANZER-KDRPS Ia, KTB 3 mit Anlagen, "Oranienbaumer-Kessel" (Klopizy) vom 27.11.43-31.12.43. War journal with daily reports, orders, directives, and maps pertaining to arrival of the. III. (germanisches) SS PzK on the Oranienbaum (Loraonosov) front with headquarters at Klopitsy, 27 Nov-6 Dec, defensive operations and counterattacks to offset a major Russian offensive along the Oranienbaum front by the Corps, the 4. SS Polizei Panzergreanadier-Division, 11. SS Panzergrenadier-Division "Nordland," 9. and 10. Luftwaffen Feld-Divisionen, and the 4. SS Freiwillige Panzergrenandier-Brigade "Nederland," 7-30 Dec, and regrouping of units of the III. SS PzK, 31 Dec 1943. Also order-of-battle chart and a table of organization showing artillery units. 1943/11/27-1943/12/31 Pi., IIa, TB. Activity report of the Pi.-Aufstellungsstabes of the III. (germ.) SS PzK pertaining to formation, equipping, and training at the Truppenuebungsplatz Grafenwoehr, Hehrkreis XIII, 1 May-1 Sep 1943, movement to and training at Truppenuebungsplatz Hradischko, Radotin, and transfer to the Oranienbaum front for construction of defensive positions and strong points, 23 Nov-31 Dec 1943. Activity report of the personnel branch concerning Hitler's order for activation of Generalkommando III. (germ.) SS PzK, 30 Mar 1943; formation at Truppenuebungsplatz Grafenwoehr, 1 May-1 Sep; assignment of 12,934 Volksdeutsche from Rumania to the Corps, Aug 1943; movement to Zagreb (Agram) Yugoslavia for continued formation and antipartisan operations, 1 Sep-27 Nov 1943, and transfer to and operations at the Oranienbaum front with its subordinate units, 27 Nov-31 Dec 1943; withdrawal movement to the Begunitsy, Udosolovo, Alekseyevka, Novopyatnitskoye, and Narva areas in January 1944; and movement to Sillamae and Voka on the Narva front, 5 Feb 1944. Data relating to promotions and decorations, 18 May-26 Nov; casualty list, 11 Dec 1943-31 Mar 1944; strength report by units and nationality, Dec 1943; register of officers; and training directives for the Germanic SS troops. 1943/05/01 - 1944/03/31 IVb, Anordnunqen - Allqemein. Special directives of the medical officer. 1943/08/07 - 1943/08/07 SS Infanterie Ersatz-Bataillon "Germania" - Wochendienstplaene. Weekly training schedules, 5 Oct-21 Nov 1942, and 18-23 Jan 1943, and training directives relating to map exercises. 1942/10/05 - 1943/03/30 IV. SS PANZER-KORPS Fernschreiben von 13.2.1945. Copy of a teletype message sent by IV. SS PzK, SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Schoenfelder to SS Gruppenfuehrer Feqelein concerninq strength and casualties of the 3. SS PzD "Totenkopf", 10-12 Feb 1945. 1945/02/10 - 1945/02/13 V. SS GEBIRGS-KORPS Stuetzpunktuebersicht zur Lagekarte. Survey of strong points of the 369. ID (Kroatisch) , 118.JgD, and 7.SS GebD in the Teslic, Mesici, Visegrad, Topola, Travnik, Zavala, Caoljira, Mostar, and Konjic areas, Yugoslavia and in the northwestern area of Bosnia. Aug. 1944 VI. SS FREIWILLIGE ARMEE-KORPS IIa. Bekanntinachug. Notification by the personnel branch to rectify the wrong distribution of mail. 1944/05/25 - 1944/05/25 XII. SS ARMEE-KORPS Korps- und Korueck Befehle. Orders and instructional pamphlet pertaining to security activity, march and traffic control, road maintenance, defense against air raids and air landings, recruiting of labor force, and training in the rear area of the Poer River sector; an order regarding defensive operations by subordinate units of the 9.PzD, 176.ID, and the 183.VGrD in Geilenkirchen, Stolberg, and Venrath areas, 17-18 Nov 1944; and special supply directives. 1944/11/17 - 1945/03/26 XIII. SS ARMEE-KORPS Ia, Tagesmeldungen. Daily reports concerning defensive operations by the corps and its subordinate units of the 9., 79., 212., and 352.VGrD., 2.GebD, and the Kampfgruppe von Hobe in the Ippesheim, Crailsheim, Medbach, Laubenheim, Blaufelden, Adelshofen, and Pfaffenhofen areas, 10-15 Apr 1945; orders concerning control of foreign civilian labor force, directives pertaining to the defining of the strength concept, and data on enemy operations. 1944/09/20 - 1945/04/15 2. SS PANZER-DIVISION "DAS REICH" III, Anlage zum KTB der SS V-Division (Verfuegungs-Division). Periodic reports concerning the activation of the office of the judge advocate of the SS V-Division in Pilsen, 17 Oct 1939, and the results of courts-martial proceedings, 1 Nov 1939-27 Jul 1940. 1939/10/30 - 1940/07/27 FPM, TB der SS V-Division (Verfuegungs-Division). Activity report concerning the activation or the office of the postmaster of the SS V-Division in Dachau, 3 Nov 1939 and its immediate transfer to Pilsen, 4 Nov 1939; and movements to and operations in the areas of Erlangen and Ahlen/Westfalen, 30 Nov 1939-12 May 1940, Hesel, Breda, Hertogenbosch, and Tilburg, 13-19 May, Monchy-Chateau, Hirson, Cambrai, Saint-Quentin, Troyes, Chalons-sur-Marne, 19 May-20 June, Poitiers, Orleans, Romilly, Angouleme, Tours, Brussels, Geldern, Emmerich, and Apeldoorn, 20 Jun-14 Jul 1940. 1939/11/01 - 1940/07/31 Ib, KTB Nr. 1 der 2. SS Division "Reich", Einsatz Suedost. War journal pertaining to supply branch activities during the Balkan campaign, division orders regarding movements, reports on medical services, special directives concerning supply troops and services, and an afteraction critique relating to the issuing of motor fuel. 1941/03/28 - 1941/05/01

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 170-я пехотная дивизия / 170.Infanterie-Division T315 R1533 Содержание: Ia, Ic, Anlagenband 66 zum KTB. Daily reports, orders, and overlays pertaining to defensive operations in the Krasny Bor area; relief of the 2.SS-Inf.Brig, by the 170.ID, 24 - 25 Apr; defensive and assault troop operations; construction of defensive positions in the Pushkin, Aleksandrovka, and Verkhneye Koyrovo areas; regrouping; and training. Order-of-battle charts; status and strength reports; intelligence bulletins regarding enemy operations, replacements, morale, new weapons, unit identification, training, and tactical situation and conditions in Leningrad; map showing the tactical disposition of Russian forces in the Kolpino area, 8 Apr 1943. 1943/04/07 - 1943/06/01 Ia, KTB 6. Defensive and assault troop operations in the Gatchina, Dudergof (Nagornoye), and Verkhneye Koyrovo areas and movement to and defense of the Krasnoye Selo area. 1943/07/01 - 1943/10/21 Ia, Anlagenband 68 zum KTB. Daily reports, orders, and overlays pertaining to defensive operations, artillery activity and organization, and counterattack, 26 Jul, in the Gatchina, Verkhneye Koyrcvc, and Dudergof (Nagornoye) areas; instruction pamphlet on road maintenance; order-of-battle charts; status, strength, and casualty reports; intelligence reports on enemy artillery activity. 1943/07/01 - 1943/07/31 Ia, Anlagenband 69 zum KTB 6. Daily reports, orders, and overlays pertaining to defensive and assault troop operations, regrouping, and antitank defense in the Gatchina, Dudergof (Nagcrnoye), and Verkhneye Koyrovo areas; a list of officers duty assignments; an order-of-battle chart; strength reports; and afteraction reports concerning Russian assault troop operations, 18 Aug, and assault troop action of the I./Gr.Rgt. 399, 23 and 30 Aug 1943. 1943/08/01 - 1943/08/31 Ia, Ic, Anlagenband 70 zum KTB 6. Daily reports, orders, and overlays pertaining to defensive operations, reorganization, construction of the Gatchina positions, and preparations for winter warfare and services in the Gatchina and Dudergof (Naqornoye) areas; order-of-battle charts; strength reports; an afteraction report concerning assault troop operations of the I./Gr.Rgt. 399, 20 Sep; intelligence bulletins and a map regarding enemy operations, unit identification, strength, and weapons, and tactical disposition of enemy troops facing the 170.ID. 1943/09/01 - 1943/09/30 la, Anlagenband 71 zum KTB 6. Daily reports, orders, and overlays pertaining to defensive operations in the Gatchina, Dudergof (Nagcrnoye), and Verkhneye Koyrovo areas; preparations for winter warfare; reorganization of the 170.ID to a new type of division; and movement to and defense of the Krasnoye Selo area. A list of obstacles and barriers along the division front; an order-of-battle chart; status and strength reports; afteraction reports concerning a Russian attack on Verkhneye Koyrovo and its defense by the II./Gr.Rgt. 401 and Aufkl.Abt. 240, 14 Get 1943. 1943/10/01 - 1943/10/21 Ia, KTB 5. Defensive operations in the Krasnoye Selo area, 30 Mar - 4 Apr, the Krasny Bor area, 6 - 24 Apr, the Pushkin and Verkhneye Koyrovo areas, 7 Apr - 1 Jun, and the Krasnoye Selo and Gatchina areas, 1 - 30 Jun 1943. 1943/03/30 - 1943/06/30 Ia, Anlagenband 67 zum KTB 5, Daily reports, orders, and overlays pertaining to defensive operations, construction of defensive positions, antitank defense, evacuation of the civilian population, regrouping, and training in the Gatchina and Krasnoye Selo areas; strength reports; order-of-battle charts; intelligence bulletins and reports regarding enemy operations, artillery activity and training, and unit identification and strength. 1943/06/01 - 1943/06/30

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ! 11. SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Nordland Ib, IVb, Besondere Anordnung fuer die Versorgunq Nr . 7, 12.7.1943. Special supply directive from the SS Panzer-Grenadier-Freiwilligen-Division "Nordland" pertaining to medical service of the division at Truppenuebungsplatz Grafenwoehr and reporting methods to the subordinate III. (germ.) SS Panzer-Korps. Also various training material of individual SS personnel. 1943/07/12 - 1943/07/12 10. SS-Panzer-Division Frundsberg Ib, IVb, Besondere Anordnungen fuer die Versorgung und das Sanitaetswesen. Special directives concerning supply services in the Falaise, Argentan, Fontainebleau, and Treprel areas; also medical services in the Evreux, Dreux, and Nogent-le-Rotrou areas. 1943/09/10 - 1943/09/22 Ia, Ib, Ic, IIa/b, IVa, V, VI, Eerichte, Sonder- und Austildungsbefehle. Orders, directives, and reports pertaining to combat, chemical warfare, training, and antiaircraft protection; also administrative, supply, personnel, intelligence, and motor transport matters. 1943/32/11 - 1945/03/01 IIa/b, Tagesstaerke der Panzer und Artillerie Einheiten. Strength report of the armored and artillery units of the division. 1945/03/25 - 1945/03/25 Ia, Na/Fue, Empfangsscheine und Berichte ueber Nachrichtenwesen. Receipts for signal communication material and reports concerning signal communication services, training, and other signal matters. 1944/01/02 - 1944/05/03 Ia, IIa/b, Ic, IVb, V, Divisions- und Sonderbefehle. Orders, directives, and lists pertaining to combat training, conduct with POW's, personal hygiene, medical service, prevention of venereal disease, casualties, personnel matters; also inventories of motor fuel expended and on hand. 1943/33/03 - 1944/07/24 Ia, Ic, IVa, Na/Fue, Berichte und Ausbildungsanordnungen. Directives and reports concerning training, signal communication, security measures, aid to the Ukrainian population during spring planting, and an afteraction critique relating to the assignment of the division in Russia. No specific locations are mentioned, 5-24 Apr 1944. 1943/03/01 - 1944/08/20 III, Anordnungen und Merkblaetter ueber Disciplinar- und Garichtswesen. Directives and reports pertaining to the military court system and disciplinary matters. 1943/04/01 - 1944/32/09 Ia, Erfahrungsbericht und Nerkblatt ueber Panzerbekaempfung. Afteraction critique and training manual relating to antitank warfare. 1944/01/08 - 1944/01/08 V, Merkblaetter, Anordnungen und Listen ueber Fahrausbildung. Directives, training manuals, and lists pertaining to drivers' education, assignment, and care of motor vehicles; also requisitions for motor vehicle parts and tires. 1943/09/30 - 1944/06/10 12. SS-Panzer-Division Hitlerjugend Ia, Ib, Ic, IIa/b, IVa, V, Btl. Befehle und Berichte der SS Pz.-Pionier Bataillon 12/12. SS PzD "Hitlerjugend." Reports and orders pertaining to administrative, medical, personnel, and motor transport matters; also securing and destroying classified material. 1943/09/04 - 1944/07/02 Ia, Ib, Ic, IIa/b, IVa, IVb, VI, Befehle und Eerichte. Orders and reports pertaining to supply; administrative, personnel, and training matters; and medical service, military security, and troop indoctrination. 1943/09/29 - 1944/06/02 Ia, Ib, Ila/b, IVa, IVb, Befehle und Richtlinien. Orders, directives, and guidelines pertaining to administrative, medical, personnel, and supply matters. 1943/07/25 - 1944/05/29

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 1-я танковая армия / Panzer-Armeeoberkommando 1 T313 R015 Содержание: IIa, IIb, Tatigkeitsbericht mit Anlagen 1-10. Consolidated activity reports and orders dealing with personnel replacement, casualties, and security of troop movements. May 1 - Nov 1, 1941 IIa, IIb, Anlage z. Tatigkeitsbericht. Laufende Ubersichtslisten uber eingetretene Verluste nach Divisionen getrennt. Daily and consolidated personnel casualty reports. Jun 22 - Oct 31, 1941 O.Qu., Kriegstagebuch. War diary covering Operation "Barbarossa", preparation for the Russian campaign, the invasion, advances to Kiev, the coastal area of the Sea of Azov and to Rostov. May 1 - Oct 31, 1941 O.Qu., Anlagenband, Anlage 1 z. KTB. Directives and policies relating to furnishing supplies to various units during the first phase of the Russian campaign, treatment of prisoners of war, and exploitation of the local economy, and maps showing the main highways in the Ukraine. Mar 28 - Oct 30, 1941 Qu., Anlage 2 z. KTB. Tatigkeitsberichte der Abteilungen. Consolidated activity reports of Abt. IVa, IVb and Feldpostamt 422. May 20, 1941 - Jan 3, 1942 III, IVd, Anlage z. KTB. Tatigkeitsberichte. Monthly consolidated activity reports. May 6 - Dec 31, 1941 O.Qu., Tatigkeitsbericht. Monthly activity reports of Kommandant des Hauptquartiers dealing with the training of rear service personnel, ordnance and equipment inspections, billeting, confirmation of civilian government employees, and other administrative matters. May 1 - Oct 31, 1941 A.Na.Fu., T£tigkeitsberichte. Consolidated activity reports dealing with signal communication during the preparation for Operation "Barbarossa," and the campaign in Russia. Also instructions for maintenance of signal equipment and sketches of the communication networks in Silesia and Poland. Apr 28 - Dec 15, 1941 A.Na.Fu., Anlagenband 1 u. 2 z. Tatigkeitsberichten, Activity reports and instructions relating to operation and maintenance of signal communication installations during the first phase of the Russian campaign. Also overlays showing the communication networks in the Ukraine. Jun 22 - Dec 15, 1941

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 1. Kosaken-Kavallerie-Division T315 R2281 Содержание: Ia, KTB 1. War journal concerning preparations for and transfer from Truppenuebungsplatz Mielau (Mlawa), Wehrkreis I, Poland, to Mitrovica, Yugoslavia, 17 Sep-15 Oct 1941; movements, quartering, reconnaissance and assault operations, securing roads, railroads, and airfields, training, and operations against partisans in the Mitrovica, Ruma, Sid, Tovarnik, Tlok, Triq, Novi Sad, Indija, Krusedol, Vrdnik, Karlovci, and Vinkovci areas and the Fruska Gora Mountains, 6-31 Oct; in the Vinkovci, Djakovo, Osijek, Cepin, Nasice, Brod, Doboj, Valpovo, Podgorac, and Potnjani areas, 1-21 Nov; and in the Sisak, Petrinja, Glina, Gora, Sunja, Kostajnica, Bosanski Novi, Dubica, and Zagreb (Agram) areas, 29 Nov-31 Dec, with headquarters of the division at Mitrovica, 6-22 Oct, at Vinkovci, 23 Oct-2 Nov, at Djakovo, 3-21 Nov, and at Sisak, 27 Nov-31 Dec. Movement from Djakovo to Sisak and relief of the 11. SS Panzer-Gren-Div. "Nordland", 21-28 Nov, and assignment of the II. Kosaken-Reiter-Brigade in detached service to secure the railroad line Brod-Derventa-Doboj-Bosansko Petrovo Selo-Tuzla, 29 Nov-31 Dec. 1943/09/17 - 1943/12/31 Ia, Anlagen zum KTB 1. Orders, reports, messages, maps, and overlays pertaining to the activation of the 1. Kosaken-Div., 23 Apr 1943, operational readiness on 23 Sep, preparations for and transfer of the division, consisting of the I. and II. Kosaken-Reiter-Brigade and including 6 Reiter-Regimente: Donkosaken-Reiter-Rgt. 1 and 5, Sibirkosaken-Reiter-Rgt. 2, Kubankosaken-Reiter-Rgt. 3 and 4, and Terekkosaken-Reiter-Rgt. 6, from Mlawa, Poland, to Mitrovica, Yugoslavia, 17 Sep-15 Oct; movements, quartering, reconnaissance and assault operations, securing roads and railroads, training, and operations against partisans in the Mitrovica, Ruma, Novi Sad, and Vinkovci areas, 6-31 Oct, in the Djakovo, Osijek, and Nasice areas, 1-21 Nov; and movement to and relief of the 11. SS Panzer-Gren-Div. "Nordland" in the Sisak area, 21-28 Nov. Operations against partisans and securing roads, railroads, and airfields in the Sisak, Glina, and Dubica areas and south of Zagreb (Agram) and securing the railroad line Brod-Derventa-Doboj-Tuzla by the II. Kosaken-Reiter-Briqade in detached service, 29 Nov-31 Dec. Afteraction reports and critiques regarding Unternehmen Araiin (operations against partisans in the Tlok, Trig, Vrdnik, Krusedol, Karlovci, and Indija areas of the Fruska Cora Mountains, 13-17 Oct) ; Unternehmen Wildsau I (operations against partisans in the Vinkovci, Tovarnik, Sid, and Kuzrain areas between the 3osut and Sava Rivers, 20-27 Oct) ; and Unternehmen Panther (operations to destroy partisan units and mopping-up action in the Glina, Gora, Petrinji, and Sunja areas between the Una and Korana Rivers, 7-20 Dec). Order-of-battle charts; billeting surveys; status, strength, and casualty reports; special directives concerning supply and signal communications; and data relating to partisan operations and losses. 1943/09/17 - 1943/12/31 Ia, Ic, Laqekarten und Berichte ueber Feindlage im Raum um Sisak. An intelligence report of 11 Nov 1943 presenting a listing of identification and strength of partisan units in the Sisak area and situation maps showing the tactical disposition of the 1. Kosaken-Div. and Kroat. Gebirqs-Einheitan in the Belgrade area, 7 Oct, and in the Zagreb (Aqram), Bjelovar, and Sisak areas, 27 Nov 1943-12 Jan 1944. 1943/10/07 - 1944/01/12 Ic, TB 1. Activity reports concerning partisan operations and losses, control of Cossacks during their stay at Truppenuebungsplatz Mielau (Mlawa), Poland, counterintelligence, courts-martial, troop indoctrination and entertainment, and Unternehmen Armin (operations against partisans in the Fruska Gora Mountains, 13-17 net 1943), Unternehnen Wildsau I (operations against partisans in the area between the Bosut and Sava Rivers, 20-27 Oct) , and Unternehmen Panther (operations to destroy partisan units and moppinq-up action in the area between the Una and Korana Rivers, 7-20 Dec). 1943/08/01 - 1944/01/16 Ic, Anlagenband zum TB 1, Feindnachrichtenblaetter. Intelligence bulletins and interrogation summaries. 1943/10/02 - 1943/12/11 Ic, Anlagenband zum TB 1, Vernehmungsberichte. Interrogation summaries; an intelligence bulletin;directives governing military security and counterintelligence; reports concerning enemy propaganda and acts of sedition the political situation in the division sector, and troop indoctrination; an afteraction critique of Unternehmen Panther; and Stammtafeln (unit historical record sheet) of units of the 1. Kosaken-Div., 17 Jun-25 Aug 1943. 1943/10/21 - 1943/12/31

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 7. SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs Division Prinz Eugen Ia, Ib, NaFue, Anlagenband 2 zum KTB. Division orders relating to regrouping, security duty, and antipartisan operations in eastern Herzegovina, Mostar, Posusje, Savnik, and Avtovac areas, 9 May-30 Jun; execution of Unternehmen "Schwarz", 25 May-18 Jun; re-designation of the SS Freiwilliqe-Division "Prinz Euqen" as SS Freiwilliqe Gebirqs-Division "Prinz Eugen", 18 Jun 1943; and movement to Sarajevo, regrouping, and antipartisan operations in the Jarlanica, Sokolac, and Vlasenica areas, 19 Jun-23 Jul 1943. Also special directives concerning supply service, signal communication, and cooperation of the air force; sketches of signal communication networks in the Mostar and Sarajevo areas; afteraction critique on Unternehmen "Schwarz" in the eastern Herzegovina and Montenegro areas, 13 May-14 Jun 1943; and data on enemy operations. 1943/05/09 - 1943/07/23 Ia, Ib, IIa/b, Allgemein. A letter concerning the handinq over of 9,400 Italian POW's to the 114.JgD for labor camps in the east, 29 Sep 1943; lists of personnel ID-tags, 15 Oct 1943; a list of German and enemy casualties suffered at the Brcko bridgehead, 14-21 Jan 1945; and an activity report pertaining to mopping-up operations and retreat in the Adrejevac, Prod, Otocac, Maglaj, Zepce, Tetovo, Poculica, and Dusovaca areas, 27 Feb-8 Mar 1945. 1943/09/29 - 1945/03/08 Id, KTB Nr. 2, SS Geb.-Pionier Btl. 7. War journal concerning antipartisan operations and constructions of bridges in the Zepce, Uzice, Visegrad, and Nis areas, 4 Aug-21 Get; in the Rogatica, Kraljevo, Ljubovija, Sopotnik, Otok, Brcko, Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Vares, Zvornik, and Tetovo areas, 22 Oct 1944-1 Apr 1945; and in the Zaqreb (Agram) and Zenica areas, 2-13 Apr 1945. Also a personnel roster, a register of officers, casualty and strength report, and copies of newspaper articles regarding SS Briqadefuehrer Otto Kumm's military service as commander of the division and its reassignment to head the 1. SS PzD "LSSAH" and SS Briqadefuehrer August Schmidhuber taking over the command of the division. 1944/08/04 - 1945/04/13 Ia, KTB Nr. 3, SS Geb-Pionier Btl. 7. War journal concerning antipartisan operations, regrouping, and construction of bridges and roads in the Zagreb (Agram), Luzani Novi (Mulabegovi-Luzane), Potok, Novska and Celje (Cilli) areas, Yugoslavia, 13 Apr-8 May, movement to Drauburg and Klagenfurt, Austria, 8-10 May, disbandment of the battalion in the Klagenfurt area, 10 May 1945. Also, casualty and strength reports. 1945/04/13 - 1945/05/10 Wehrgeologische Erkundungsarbeiten im Bezirk Novi-Pazar durch Wehrgeologen-Bataillon (mot), Reports concerning the exploration for the presence of ore at Zminjak in the Rogozna Mountains. 1943/07/08 - 1944/06/05 9. SS-Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen Ia, IIa/b, III, IVa, Wochendienstplaene. Gefechtsausbildungsunterricht, Beurteilungen. Weekly duty rosters, combat training instructions, and reports and orders on personnel, disciplinary, and administrative matters. 1942/12/07 - 1943/08/25 Ia, Ib, Ic, IIa/b, III, IVa, VI, Austildungsbemerkungen, Merkblaetter, Mitteilungen flier die Truppe und Offiziere, Drucksachen, und Begimentsbefehle. Reports on administrative, personnel, and disciplinary matters; training directives; orders of the day; special supply directives; publications relating to troop indoctrination, entertainment, and counterintelligence activity; and German Armed Forces communiques (OKH Nachrichten) , 1943-44. 1942/08/01 - 1944/03/03 Ia, TE des SS PzGr Egt. 2 der Panzer Grenadier-Division "Hohenstaufen." Activity report concerning the activation of the 9. SS PzGrD "Hohenstaufen" in Berlin-Lichterfelde, 31 Dec 1942; activation of SS PzGr Rgt. 2 and formation of the activation staff (Aufstellungsstab) by the SS Pz Gr Ersatzbataillon "Tottekopf" III in Brno (Bruenn) , Moravia, 27 Jan 1S43; movement to and formation of the division in Chalons-sur-Marne and Mailly-le-Camp areas, France, 3-28 Feb 1943 ; movement to and quartering, training, formation, alert exercises, air raid protection, security activity, and occupation duty in Ypres (Ypern) , Hazebrouck, and Ghent areas, Belgium, and the Tourcoing area of France, 1 Mar-2 Aug, and movement to for air raid protection; training, alert exercises, security activity, and occupation duty in Amiens and Forges-les-Eaux areas, France, 3 Aug-3 1 Dec 1943. 1942/12/31 - 1943/12/21

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 18-я армия / 18.Armee T312 R933 Содержание: Koluft., Anlagen zum Tatigkeitsbericht, Verb.-Kdo, d. Lfl. 1. Weekly activity reports of Verb.-Kdo.d.Lfl. 1, Feb 19 - Jul 14, 1944; correspondence dealing with reconnaissance missions; reports on the enemy air situation, Feb 19 - Jul 14, 1944; and maps (1:300000) showing daily disposition of Russian forces and defenses in the Leningrad, Nowgorod, Volkhov, Kolpino, Pleskau and Ostroff areas, Feb 8-9 and Feb 19 - Jul 14, 1944. Stabsoffizier Reit- u. Fahrwesen, Tatigkeitsberichte. Daily activity reports. Jan 1 - Jun 24, 1944 IIa/b, Anlagen zum Kriegstagebuch Nr. 4g. Daily statistical reports of dead, wounded and missing officers and enlisted men of AOK 18 corps and divisions. Jan 3 - Jul 10, 1944 Ia, Ic, Anlagen zum Kriegstagebuch Nr. 4g, Tagesmappen. Records covering operations in the Leningrad area, comprising daily Ia reports, correspondence, orders, maps and overlays (1:100000 and 300000) concerning the mission, commitment, removal, replacement, transfer, reactivation and deactivation, assignment and reduction of personnel, reorganization, order of battle, chain of command, tables of organization and equipment, march movement, assembly, billeting, reserves, combat and ration strength, discipline, combat readiness, firing power, antiaircraft defense, equipping and reequipping, transportation, supply problems and situation, alert plans, code names, loss of men, horses, weapons and equipment, signal communications, location of headquarters and command posts, troop identification, and tactical operations on the ground and in the air of AOK 18 units. Daily Ia reports, correspondence, orders, maps, overlays (1:100000 and 300000) dealing with the security of roads, bridges, railroads and troop transports, map and alert exercises, captured prisoners of war and booty, construction and maintenance of roads, railroads, bridges and fortified lines, evacuation of the civilian population, traffic control, use of auxiliary workers, coastal defense, destruction of railroads, bridges, and important industrial installations, and dispersal of supply bases. Ic reports concerning enemy mission, movement, order of battle, and tactical operations on the ground and in the air. Monthly economic-political situation reports. Appraisals of the artillery, antitank, antiaircraft, armored and supply situation in the AOK 18 sector. Experience reports pertaining to evacuation, traffic control, security of roads and railroads, combat operations, use of weapons, antiaircraft defense, activation of special units, use of paratroopers and combating partisans. Jan 1 - Jul 15, 1944

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! Armee-Abteilung Narwa - Grasser - Kleffel T312 R1635 Содержание: Ia, Anlagenteil z. KTB Nr. 5, 6, 7, (g) Verlustlisten. Daily casualty reports on the number of dead, wounded and missing officers and enlisted men for A. A. Narwa units. Also separate list for officers, giving name, rank and relevant military data. Jul 4 - Sep 20, 1944 A.Pi.Fu., Tatigkeitsberichte mit Anlagen. Daily activity reports, Jul 16 - Oct 15, 1944. Orders about the regulation of traffic and the maintenance of the road network, with accompanying overlays (1:300000). Statistics on mines and demolition stock. Reports on the use of tank obstacles on bridges and narrow roads and in swampy areas. Orders for the demolition of bridges and shale oil mining and power facilities. Jul 16 - Oct 15, 1944

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ! 17. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division Götz von Berlichingen Ia, Richtlinien ueber Gliederung und Kampfweise der Gruppe mit le. MG. Instructions concerning the organization and combat methods of a light machine-gun section. 1943/12/20 - 1943/12/20 V, Einsatzbefehl Nr. 186. Order relating to the use of vehicles for the transportation of POW's from Kriechincren to Forbach. 1944/10/05 - 1944/10/05 IVb, Truppenkrankennachweis der III/SS Pz.Gr.Rgt. 37.Strength, sickness, and casualty statistics for the period 21-31 May and 1-10 Jul 1944. 1944/05/21 - 1944/07/10 VI, Befehle ueber weltanschauliche und politische Schulung. Orders and instructions relating to troop indoctrination. 1944/01/20 - 1944/04/26 19. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (lettische Nr. 2) Ia, Kriegsgliederungen der 19. Waffen-Grenadier-Division SS (Lettische Nr. 2). Order-of-battle charts. 20. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (estnische Nr. 1) IIa/b, Personallisten der 20. Waffen-Grenadier-Division (Estnische Nr. 1). Alphabetical lists of SS personnel presenting rank, name, date of birth, military unit, and profession. IIa/b, Personallisten der 20. Waffen-Grenadier-Division (Estnische Nr. 1). Alphabetical lists of SS personnel presenting rank, name, date of birth, military unit, and profession. Ia, IIa/b, Wochenmeldung, Stand vom 10.2.45. Copy of a radio message of 20. WGrD (estnische 1) to Gruppenfuehrer Fegelein pertaining to weekly reports on the strength of six battalions; also the names of commanding officers and the situation on weapons. 1945/02/12 - 1945/02/12 IIa/b, Meldungen des Ersatzkommandos Estland, Erfassungsstelle. Reports concerning the recruiting of SS personnel in Estonia for the division. 1944/11/21 - 1945/03/01 IIa/b Bewerbungsmeldungen fuer die Einstellung in die Waffen-SS. Personal data pertaining to recruiting, examining, and assigning Estonian SS personnel for the division. 1945/01/09 - 1945/01/09 21. Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS Skanderbeg (albanische Nr. 1) Ia, Zusammenfassender Bericht ueber die Aufstellung and den Zustand der 21. Waffen-Gebiras-Division der SS "Skanderbeg." Report concerning the activation and formation of the division with Albanian Muslems in the Kosovo-Prizren areas, Serbia; assignment of the division to arrest 281 Jews and 210 Communist leaders; evaluation of the combat efficiency of the Albanians; political and military setbacks in the Balkans caused differences in the division and heavy desertions (3,425) by 1 Oct 1944. Mass desertions and dependency on German and other national units in the Kosovo, Pristina, Decani, Pec, Prizren, and Gnjilane areas of Yugoslavia necessitated reorganization of the division. Also a strength report. 1944/10/02 - 1944/10/02 23. Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS Kama (kroatische Nr. 2) Ia, Zur Erinnerung an den Besuch bei der SS-Freiw. b.h .Geb.-Div (Kroatien). A photo album entitled: The Memory of a Visit With the 13. SS Freiwilligen b.h. (Bosnien-Herzegowina) Gebirgs-Division (Kroatien), signed by SS Brigadefuehrer Sauberzweig during a visit by the Reichsfuehrer SS and Chef der Deutschen Polizei Heinrich Himmler and the Grand Mufti (Grossmufti) in Croatia. Also pictures of paintings from a Niederehnheim picture collection (Bildnis-Sammlung der Oberrheinischen Adels, Buerger- und Bauern-Geschlechter) of Austrian historical nobilities, 15th-17th centuries. (This item was filmed as a record item of the 23. Waffen-Gebirgs-Division SS "Kama" (Kroatische Nr. 2). 25. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Hunyadi (ungarische Nr. 1) Ia, Korrespondenz des Kommandears der 25. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS "Hunyadi" (Unqarische Nr. 1) . A letter from the division commander to the lord mayor (Buergermeister) of Rednitzhembach, north of Rothr Middle Franconia, Germany, stating that the division is stationed in the Eednitzhembach area and that cooperation between the liaison officers of the division and the local civilian officials is expected regarding the conduct and discipline of the partially new recruited volunteer units. 1945/03/14 - 1945/03/14 26. Panzer-Division der SS Ia, IIa/b, Befehle, Neldunqen und Skizzen. Orders, reports, and sketches pertaining to the defense of Paris in the Amiens, Suzanne, Montreuil-sur-Mer, Calais, Campagne-les-Hesdin, Provins, Piennes, Bray-sur-Somme areas and the Seine River sector. Also personnel and training matters. 1944/08/18 - 1944/08/25 Ia, IVa, Eefehle, Meldungen. Orders and reports concerning the defense of Paris in the Provins and Nogent-sur-Seine areas and the Seine River sector, reconnaissance operations, and administrative matters. Also sketches and intelligence bulletins. 1944/08/17 - 1944/03/25 27. SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadier-Division Langemarck (flämische Nr. 1) IVa, Gescbaeftsordnung, Uebersicht ueber das Arbeitsgebiet, Richtlinien fuer den Innendienst der I./SS Schtz.-Rgt. "Langemarck." A survey and directives concerning administrative matters. 1942/05/15 - 1942/06/15 30. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (russische Nr. 2) Ia, Kriegstagebuch III./76 Rgt./30. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (Russische Nr. 2). War journal concerning training, alert exercises, security of the Rhine River area, and regrouping in the Wittisheim, Bindernheim, Strasbourg, and Mulhouse areas, France, 1944/09/20 - 1944/10/31 Ia, Ib, IIa/b, III, V, Befehle, Meldungen und Listen der Schutzmann Brigade Sieqling, 20-31 Juli 1944 und 30. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (Russische Nr. 2), 1 Aug-29 Sep 1944. Orders, reports, and lists pertaining to formation, supply, personnel, disciplinary, administrative, and motor transport matters: movement from Susz (Rosenberg), East Prussia, via Ilawa (Deutsch Eylau), Kowalewo (Schoensee), Torun (Thorn), Tnowroclaw (Hohensalza) , Frankfurt/Oder, Juterbog, Grossbeeren, Hanau, Frankfurt/Main, Worms, Germany, and Mulhouse, Besancon, Dole, Montbeliard, Pont-de-Roide, Saint-Hippolyte, Dijon, France, 17-31 Aug, and from Dijon to Mulhouse, 8-11 Sep 1944. Lists of deserters, officers duty assignments, reports showing personal data of Russian, Ukrainian, and White Ruthenian (Belorussia) volunteers, and strength reports. 1944/07/20 - 1944/09/29 Ia, KTB III./76 Rgt./30. Waffen-Grenadier-Division (Russische Nr. 2). War journal, 16-19 Sep 1944, concerning movement from Dachau to Neubreisach and Markolsheim areas north of Mulhouse, France, for training and disbandment of the 3. Regiment by order of the division dated 19 Sep. (For records of the war journal for the period 20 Sep-31 Oct 1944, see item No. 78027/1.) Also a unit personnel roster, a register of officers, combat and ration strength reports, data on enemy operations, and an order relating to defense against enemy air landings, and security of rear areas and supply routes in the Illhaeusern, Guemar, and Ostheim areas. 1944/09/16 - 1944/11/25 Ia, IIa/b, Personal- and Waffenstaerkemeldungen. Strength reports on personnel, equipment, and weapons. 1944/09/22 - 1944/11/09 Ia, Ib, Ic, IIa/b, IVa, Meldungen und Befehle. Reports and orders pertaining to training, work detail, maintenance of weapons, and supply, intelligence, personnel, and administrative matters. Also an inventory of weapons and ammunition, strength reports, and a training directive. 1944/09/16 - 1944/11/10 Ia, IIa/b Meldungen. Reports in Russian language pertaining to training, personnel, and operational matters. 1944/11/16 - 1944/11/18 Ia, IIa/b, VI, Divisions- und Tagesbefehle. Orders concerning organization, assignments, maintenance and loss of weapons and equipment; use of motor vehicles, investigations and troop discipline, search for deserters, military police and security operations, air raid protection, attachment of the Russische 654. Batl. to the division, granting of awards and decorations, and troop indoctrination. 1944/09/14 - 1944/11/10 Ia, Divisionsbefehle. Division orders and instructions in the Russian language concerning combat training and security activity in the Guemar area north of Mulhouse, France. 1944/09/15 - 1944/11/17

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 61. Infanterie-Division T315 R1011 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch 4 (Tatigkeitsbericht). Activities in Brittany, entraining on Feb 2. 1941, for movement via Rennes, Le Mans. Paris, Aachen, Duisburg, Minister, Hamburg, Liibeck, and Stettin to Konigsberg, East Prussia, for training and preparations for the invasion of Russia, and the transfer to Heydekrug on the Lithuanian border. The division was subordinate to the I. and XXVI. A.K. during this period. Feb 1 - Jun 21, 1941 Ia, Anlagen I-II z. KTB 4, Befehle und Meldungen. Division operation reports, orders, and overlays. Jan 27 - Jun 21, 1941 Ia, Anlage IV z. KTB 4, Kriegsranglisten. Feb 1 - Jun 21, 1941 Ia, Anlage V z. KTB 4, Gefechts- und Verpflegungsstarken. Feb 1 - Jun 21, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 6, Band I. Operations from Tikhvin to the Volkhov River between Gruzino and Chudovo. The division was subordinate to the XXXIX. and I. A.K. during this period. Jan 1 - Mar 31, 1942 Ia, Anlagenbande 1-8 z. KTB 6, Band I. Corps reports, division orders and reports, messages and reports from subordinate units, and maps and overlays showing division and enemy positions along the Volkhov River front. Jan 1 - Mar 31, 1942

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 61. Infanterie-Division T315 R1016 Содержание: Ia, Anlagen z. KTB 5, Bande 12-17. Corps and division orders, reports and messages from subordinate units, and naps and overlays. Sep 19 - Dec 31, 1941 Ia, Erfahrungsbericht Unternehmen Dago. Afteraction report concerning preparation for and the attacks on the Inland of Hiiumaa off the coast of Estonia. Oct 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebich 6, Band II. Position defense along the Volkhov River between Grusino and Chudovo, and Operation "Birkhahnbalz" (offensive along the Volkhov River during Oct 1942). The division was subordinate to the I. A.K. during this period under the command of Oberst Franz Scheidies from Apr 1 to 7, 1942, when he was killed, of Oberst Frankewitz from Apr 7 to 10, and of Gen.Maj. Werner Huhner, who became division commander on Apr 10, 1942. Apr 1 - Oct 24, 1942

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 12. Panzer-Division T315 R630 Содержание: Ia, Anlagenheft 2 z. KTB 2. Division orders, radio and teletype messages, activity and afteraction reports, and maps. Feb l - Mar 31, 1942 Ia, Anlage z. KTB 2, Bericht das Kampfbataillons Ehrenpfordt, der Kampfgruppe Bruchert und der Schutzenkompanie Fehler. Reports covering the tactical, personnel, ration, clothing, materiel, and motor vehicle situation; the state of health of the troops; and enemy operations and acts of sabotage. War journal and reports of Kampfbataillon Ehrenpfordt, Jan 23 and May 23, 1942, in the Spasskaya area. Also, an activity report of Kampfgruppe Bruchert, Mar 20 - 31, 1942, concerning its operations in the Oranienbaum encirclement and an activity report of the Schutzenkompanie Fehler, Feb 8 - Mar 25, 1942, relating to its operations in the area south of Lissino. Jan 25 - May 21, 1942 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 3, Russland. War journal pertaining to the operations of the division on the northern front in the Lyuban area and to its transfer in Nov 1942 to the Roslavl area on the central front via Velikiye Luki, Nevel, and Gorodok. Also, data concerning Operation "Affenkafig" (the destruction of partisan units in the Velikiye Luki area). The division was subordinate to AOK 18, I., XXVIII., L., XXVI., and XXX. A.K., AOK 11, LIX. A.K., H.Gr. Mitte, AOK 9, XXXII. Pz.K., and the XXIII, A.K. at various times during this period. Apr 1 - Dec 31, 1942 Ia, Anlage z. KTB 3, Anlagen 1-102, Corps and division-orders, radio and teletype messages, and combat reports. Apr 1 - May 20, 1942 Ia, Anlage z. KTB 3, Anlagen 102a-265. Corps and division orders, radio and teletype messages, and activity reports concerning reorganization of combat units, and maps. May 21 - Aug 12, 1942

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 12. Panzer-Division T315 R629 Содержание: Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht und Aufstellung uber Gefangene und Beute, als Anlage z. KTB 1. Jun 1 - Dec 15, 1941 Ic, Anlagenmappe 1 z. TB z. KTB 1. Jun 17 - Aug 16, 1941 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 2. War journal concerning the transfer of the division first to the area south of Lyuban and later to Estonia for six weeks for rest and refitting, Dec 16, 1941; subsequently it operated on the Leningrad front, and later on the Oranienbaum front. The division was subordinate to AOK 18, Dec 17, 1941, under the command of Generalmajor Wessel on Jan 16, 1942. Dec 16, 1941 - Mar 31, 1942 Ia, Anlagenheft 1 z. KTB 2. Radio and teletype messages, corps and division orders, and afteraction reports. Dec 16, 1941 - Jan 31, 1942

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 56. Infanterie-Division T315 R976 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch 5, Teil XIVa, Stellungskampfe ostw. Mogilew. Position defense and antipartisan operations in the Mogilev area along the Dnieper River. The division was subordinate to the XII. A.K. during this period. Oct 1 - 31, 1943 Ia, Anlagen z, KTB 5, Teil XIIIa-b u. XIVa. Corps and division orders, afteraction and daily reports, messages, order of battle charts, maps, and overlays. Aug 1 - Oct 31, 1943

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 17. Panzer-Division T315 R692 Содержание: Ia, Kriegstagebuch 9, War journal concerning the withdrawal between the Don and Volga Rivers and in the Makeyevka, Krasnyy, and Liman areas northwest of Rostov. Gen. Fridolin von Senger u. Etterlin was division commander. Feb 4 - May 15, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband I z. KTB 9, Operationsakten. Corps and division orders, radio and teletype messages, reports, naps, and overlays concerning the withdrawal northwest of Rostov in the Bolshokrepinskaya, Nikolayevka, and Stalino areas. Feb 2 - Mar 7, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband II z. KTB 9, Operationsakten. A division report on combat operations after the crossing of the Don River; Fuhrer, army, corps, and division orders concerning operations between the Don and Donets Rivers and construction of defense lines with the help of Russian civilians, including women. Also, maps, overlays, and order of battle charts. Mar 6 - May 15, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch 10. War journal concerning operations in the Druzhkovka area and Operation "Zitadelle" (preparations for the defense of the Kharkov area). The division was subordinate to the LVII. PzK, and Pz.AOK 1, successively. May 16 - Jun 30, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband I z. KTB 10. Corps and division orders and reports concerning training and maneuver exercises in the area between Stalino and Kharkov. Also, maps and order of battle charts. May 9 - Jun 13, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband II z. KTB 10. Afteraction reports and reports on training and maneuver exercises in the Konstantinovka and Kramatorsk areas, with maps giving location of units. Gen. Fridolin von Senger u. Etterlin departed for another assignment and General Schilling assumed command of the division. Jun 13 - 30, 1943 Ic, Tatigkeitsbericht. Activity report concerning enemy operations in the division sector, reports from adjoining units on enemy operations, and interrogation evaluations. May 20 - Sep 17, 1943 Ic, Anlagenband I z. TB. Afteraction and evaluation reports and interrogation summaries en prisoners of war and deserters. Jun 18 - Aug 31, 1943

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ! 16. Armee T312 R635 Содержание: Ia, Anlagenband E II z. KTB Nr. 5, Teil XI, Eingehende Fernschreiben. Dec 1 - 31, 1944 Ia, Anlagenband F z. KTB Nr. 5, Teil XI, Abgehende Fernschreiben. Oct 16 - Dec 31, 1944 Ia, Anlagenband G. z. KTB Mr. 5, Teil XI, Morgen-, Zwischen- und Tagesmeldungen der Generalkommandos. Oct 16 - Dec 31, 1944 Ia, Anlagenband H z. KTB Nr. 5, Teil XI, Morgen- und Tagesmeldungen an O.Kdo. H.Gr. Nord. Oct 16 - Dec 31, 1944 Ia, Anlagenband K z. KTB Nr. 5, Teil XI, Kriegsgliederungen der 16. Armee. Oct 16 - Dec 31, 1944

alte Leute: ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ! 6. Armee T312 R1468 Содержание: Ia, Die Abwehrschlachten der 6. Armee zwischen Mius und Dnjepr, in der "Wotan-Stellung" und durch die Nogaische Steppe bis zum Dnjepr und im Donezbecken und in der Nogaischen Steppe. Maps and overlays (1:300000 and n.s.) showing disposition, of German and Soviet units. Aug. 18 - Nov. 3, 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Akte F, Tasche 9, Lagekarten. Situation maps (1:100000 & 1:300000). Southern sector of the Russian front. Oct - Nov 1943 Ia, Anlagen, Band 2. Orders pertaining to soldiers suffering from the cold during the winter 1942/43. Southern sector of the Russian front. Nov 1942 - Apr 1943 Ia, Anlagen, Band 5. Reports concerning rail transport conditions, Jassinowataja to Tschir. Nov. 13 - 18, 1942 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Akte F, Tasche 10, Lagekarten. Situation maps (1:100000 & 1:300000) concerning artillery formations; situation of the XLIV Corps, distribution of forces in West Tauric. Southern sector of the Russian front. Nov - Dec 1943 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Band 6 u. 7, Lagekarten. Situation maps (1:100,000) indicating tactical disposition of Sixth Army units in the Fedorowka-Wassiljewka-Dmitrowka area. Oct 1-27, 1943. la, Kriegstagebuch, Akte F, Tasche 11, Lagekarten. Situation maps (1:100000 & 1:300000) showing enemy situation, situation of the 6th Army and the IV, XVII, XXX and LII Corps and LVII Armored Corps. Area: Ssergejevka, Kamenka, Gorodischtsche, etc. Dec 1943 - Jan 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Akte G, Tasche 5, Sonstige Karten. Maps (1:300000 and 1:100000) concerning highways and bridges; fortifications; supply units; organization and battalion strength; operations of construction troops; and artillery situation. Area of Chersson, Nikolajew. Oct. 1943 - Feb 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Akte F, Tasche 12, Lagekarten. Situation maps (1:100000 & 1:300,000) of the 6th Army. Southern sector of the Russian front, Nowyj Bug. Jan - Feb 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Akte F, Tgsche 13, Lagekarten. Situation maps (1:100000 & 1:300000) of the 6th Army. Southern sector of the Russian front. Mar 1 - 16, 1944 Ia, Kriegstagebuch, Akte F, Tasche 16, Lagekarten. Situation maps (1:300000 & 1:100000) concerning situation of the 6th Army and the XXIX Corps; assumed enemy disposition; grouping of the LXXII Corps units; planned withdrawal from the Bug to the Panther positions. Area: Bug to Rumania. Mar. - May 1944 4. Panzer-Division T315 R195 Содержание:

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