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Документы групп нем. армий - открыты всем

Kori: Начинаю публиковать документы по Группам немецких армий, надеюсь еженедельно по 2000-3000 документов и карт буду добавлять: Начну с групп "СЕВЕР" (NORD) и "ЦЕНТР" (Mitte) Доки в формате PDF. http://maparchive.ru/index.php/army-groups.html C Уважением К.

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Kori: Обновления на сайте 23-01-2012 Группа армий "ДОН" (Heeresgruppe Don) - архивные немецкие документы, немецкие карты. ROLL-269 http://maparchive.ru/index.php/army-groups/50-army-group-don/325-army-group-don-roll-269.html Ia, Anlagenband 4 z. KTB. Orders and daily reports concerning the defense of and counterattacks along: the Tschir, Don, and Stalingrad fronts, ground and air operations, transportation, march movements, order of battle, air reconnaissance, and supplying troops of H.Gr. Don, AOK 6, Pz.AOK 4, 3. u. 4. Rum. AOK, Gr. Hollidt and Luftflotte 4 units; and enemy tactical mission, operations, and situation; and maps showing own and enemy tactical disposition in the area southwest of Stalingrad. Reports pertaining to the interrogation of Gen. Maj. Krupennikow Ivan Pavlowitsch, Chef d. Stabes d. 3. Gardearmee, and. other prisoners of war, regarding enemy tactical mission, operations, and situation5 enemy order of battle, reserves, and losses5 and demolition charges, fuses, and ignition devices used for demolition of bridges. Dec 15 - 23, 1942. С Уважением K немецкие документы, немецкие карты

Kori: Добавлены документы: Гид по исследованиям иностранных Военных Документов, 1945-54 Guide to Foreign Military Studies, 1945-54 http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies.html D-0076, An Army Engineer in Russia (1942) http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series/326-d-0076.html D-0077, A Reflection on the Causes of the Defeat http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series/327-d-0077.html D-0078, A Reflection on the Causes of the Defeat http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series/328-d-0078.html D-0079, Advance and Breakthrough of the 6th Panzer Division on 15 and 16 July 1944 http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series/329-d-0079.html D-0080a, The Command Decision http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series/330-d-0080.html D-0082, Rommel's System of Fortification in North Africa, 1941-42 http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series/331-d-0082.html D-0084, Supplement to "Reasons for Rommel's Success in Africa, 1941- 42 http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series/332-d-0084.html С Уважением K.

Kori: Обновления на сайте 08-02-2012 Добавлены документы: Гид по исследованиям иностранных Военных Документов, 1945-54 Guide to Foreign Military Studies, 1945-54 http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies.html B-0001, LXXXII Corps (1 Jan.-28 Aug. 1944) http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/53-b-series/334--b-0001.html B-0002, LXXXII Corps (28 Aug.-7 Sep. 1944) http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/53-b-series/335--b-0002.html B-0003, Report Concerning My Activity as Commander of the Seventh and First German Army Rear Areas (Aug.-Sep. 1944) http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/53-b-series/333--b-0003.html B-0004, 719th Infantry Division (Aug.-18 Sep. 1944) http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/53-b-series/336--b-0004.html B-0005, Loire Seekommandant (6 Jul.-11 Aug. 1944) http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/53-b-series/337--b-0005.html D-0253, Antitank Defense in the East http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series/338-d-0253.html

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Kori: Army Group Don Roll 270 Группа армий "ДОН" (Heeresgruppe Don) - архивные немецкие документы, немецкие карты. Ia, Anlagenband 5 z. KTB. Orders and daily reports concerning the defense of and counterattacks along the Don, Donets, Volga, and Stalingrad fronts, tactical mission, ground and air operations, transportation, march movements, order of battle, strength, and supplying troops of H.Gr. Don, AOK 6, Pz.AOK 4, 3. u. 4. Rum. AOK, and Armee-Abt. Hollidt units; also, enemy tactical operations and situation. Order changing Armeegruppe Hollidt to Armee-Abteiluns Hollidt, Jan 1, 1943. Notes on H.Gr. Don chief of staff conference pertaining to the defense of Rostov. Report on the destruction of the 4. Rum. AOK. Dec 24, 1942 - Jan 3, 1943 Ia, Anlagenband 6 z. KTB. Orders and daily reports concerning the defense of and counterattacks along the Don, Donets-Rostov, and Stalingrad fronts, tactical mission, ground and air operations, commitments, transportation, march movements, combat readiness, losses, and air reconnaissance, and the destruction of railroad bridges by H.Gr. Don, AOK 6, Pz.AOK 4, Armee-Abt. Hollidt, and Luftflotte 4 units5 and enemy order of battle, tactical mission, operations, and situation. Reports pertaining to air transportation of supplies to "Fortress Stalingrad," and armored, antitank, and assault gun situations. Also, combat reports of 7th and llth Rum. Div. and special directives for signal communication. Jan 4 - 12, 1943. http://maparchive.ru/index.php/army-groups/50-army-group-don/356-army-group-don-roll-270.html

Kori: GUIDE TO THE COLLECTION OF HUNGARIAN POLITICAL AND MILITARY RECORDS, 1909-1945 Introduction http://maparchive.ru/index.php/hungarian-political-and-military-records-1909-45.html This guide is one of a series of finding aids describing those declassified, seized records of former enemies of the United States deposited at and microfilmed by the National Archives. The guide contains information from data cards identifying records that have been microfilmed. Pertiment copies of the data cards have been included at the beginning of each roll of film. The guide describes 21 rolls of film of Hungarian records. This Hungarian "collection" is a body of records that once was apparently in the custody of the Arrow-Cross regime, which came to power as a result of the coup d'etat of Oct 15, 1944, and the deportation of Regent Miklos Horthy by the German occupation force the following morning. Ferenc Szalasi, leader of the Arrow- Cross Party, then assumed partial control, with the permission and encouragement of the German occupation authorities, of the western half of Hungarian, the eastern half being already in the hands of the Red Army. When Budapest became threatened by encirclement early in December, Szalasi and the members of his Arrow-Cross cabinet withdrew to Sopron and other towns in the westernmost part of Hungary and eventually fled, individually, to Austria and Bavaria. Most of them were captured, along with these records, by the American forces. Many of the individuals arrested by the American forces were extradited to the postwar Hungarian Government, but these records, amounting to about 12 cubic feet, were kept and eventually taken to the United States with captured German and Italian records. The records microfilmed and describes in this guide have no obvious internal organization. In American hands, they were loosely arranged according to "code" numbers as follows: Code Nos. Subject Item Nos. Roll Nos. HuC I Government and Parties Party and Government Organs 1-38 1-4 Youth Organizations 39-41 4-5 Szalasi Papers 42-45 5 Folders Not Identified with Any Specific Office 46-66 5-7 Manuscripts of the NyP- DE.C 67-94 7-11 Misc. Studies, Reports, and Legal Papers 95-123 12-14 HuC II Military 1-13 15-16 HuC III Maps 1-8 16 HuC IV Diagrams, Tables, and Charts 1-2 16 HuC V Books 1-16 17-21 HuC VI Newspapers 1-17 21 HuC VII Pamphlets, Brochures, and Leaflets 1-22 21 Most of these records were created by agencies or agents of the Szalasi government between Oct 15, 1944, and Apr 1945. The bulk of them consist of plans or projects that could not be implemented; they pertain to a future "Hungarist" state that would have been instituted by the Arrow-Cross leadership after the final victory of the Axis forces. There are other records, however, that pertain to actual diplomatic, military, and administrative problems—some of a routine nature, but others concerning personality conflicts, conflicts with the population (see roll 4), and even conflicts with the German allies (see roll 15). In addition to the records described above, there are minutes of meetings of the Arrow-Cross Party leadership during the Horthy era, especially after 1941. Also included are collections of speeches, essays, and other writings of Ferenc Szalasi (see rolls 1, 5-10, and 13), which might well serve to complete Szalasi's diary, described by Professor Macartney as "in every sense an extraordinary production." In addition to the documents produced by the Arrow-Cross Party and the Arrow-Cross government, there are a number of particularly interesting items that appear to have fallen into the hands of the Arrow-Cross. Among these are minutes of meetings between Hungarian, German, and Italian general staffs in the period immediately preceding the war (see rolls 1 and 15), minutes pertaining to Prime Minister Miklos Kallay's visit to Italy to see the Pope and Mussolini in early Apr 1943 (see roll 1), the war diary of the Hungarian Chief of the General Staff covering the period Apr to Oct 1944, and other miscellaneous items. CONTENTS Roll Dates; Item No. 1 Apr 1, 1943-Mar 17, 1945; HuC I 1 - Oct 1940-Jun 1943; HuC I 10 2 Oct 1944-Mar 1945; HuC I 11 - Oct 1943-Jan 1944; HuC I 24 3 Nov 1944-Mar 1945; HuC I 25 - Dec 1944-Mar 1945; HuC I 29 4 Apr 1944-Mar 1945; HuC I 30 - Oct 1943-Aug 1944; HuC I 39 5 1940-Aug 1944; HuC I 40 - after 1943; HuC I 46 6 1944 (?); HuC I 47 - Dec 1941; HuC I 58 7 Nov 1940-Dec 1944; HuC I 59 - No date; HuC I 69 8 No date; HuC I 70 - Aug 1944; HuC I 71 9 1944; HuC I 72 - May 3 and Jul 13, 1942; HuC I 76 10 1942-1943; HuC I 77 - 1942; HuC I 85 11 1942; HuC I 86 - 1942-1943; HuC I94 12 Jul 1943-Nov 1944; HuC I 95 - Mar 1940-Feb 1945; HuC I 103 13 Sep 1939-Jan 1944; HuC I 104 - No date; HuC I 113 14 Mar 1943-Mar 1944; HuC I 114 - Jan 1941-Nov 1944; HuC I 123 15 Apr 1942-Apr 1945; HuC II 1 - Apr-Jul 1944; HuC II 9 16 Jan 1943 and Apr 1944; HuC II 11 - No date; HuC IV 2 17 1941; HuC V 1 - 1935; HuC V 5 18 No date; HuC V 7-9 - No date; HuC V 10-11 19 1944; HuC V 12-13 20 1944; HuC V 14-15 21 1930; HuC V 16 - 1935-1945; HuC VII 1-22

Kori: Обновление: D-0085, The Battles of the "Hermann Goering" Division in Tunisia (Jan.-12 May 1943) D-0086, The First Phase of the Engagements in Tunisia, up to the Assumption of Command by the Newly Activated Fifth Panzer D-0089, Reconnaissance in the Battle of Sicily D-0090, Stockpiling Supplies for Sardinia and Sicily (May-Jun. 1943) D-0091, Evacuation of Sicily and Sardinia in August 1942 D-0093, Railroad, Sea and Air Transport Situation for Supply of Africa Through Italy (Jan.-May 1943) D-0094, Preparations for the Capture of Malta D-0095, 29th Panzer Grenadier Division (30 Jul. 1943) http://maparchive.ru/index.php/guide-to-foreign-military-studies/51-d-series.html

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